Saturday, 6 June 2015

Journal 52: Weeks 12, 17, 18, 19, 21 & 22

A few more pages from my Journal 52

My intention with these pages is to not spend to long thinking about what to do, but rather doing...

Week 12:  Inspiration Board.

This is not what I originally intended, but seeing some feathers and leaves on the grass gave me the 'inspiration' for this week.


Week 17:  Treasure 


Week 18:  Observations

While sitting outside one afternoon.

Prompt here.


Week 19:  Outside In

Prompt here.


Week 21: Top Ten Lists

The first ten things that came into my head.

Prompt here


Week 22: Wings

Prompt here.


  1. One thing that strikes me is the colours you used particularly on the first picture. They are colours I associate with autumn to some extent and I find them very restful and pleasing.

    As for your page of lists I wondered what would be the first things that came into what passes for my mind. Oh dear. It contained things like garage, blog, letters, emails, shopping and very much more mundane things. I suppose at the top of the list was 'garden' because I'm desperate for some decent weather to get out into it.

    1. Thank you for commenting and sharing your is funny but I think using leaves and feathers to do that first page triggered the part of the brain to use autumn colours without thinking...but once I had completed the page those were my thoughts as well. Unusual for me I think as I much prefer spring and summer!

      Well it said 'Top Ten' lists, so I thought of the 'nice' things as my top ten ;-) Otherwise yes, my list would probably be much like yours.

      We have been able to get out in the garden the last couple of days which has been a nice change! Hope the weather improves for you as well.


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