Thursday, 31 August 2017

Summing up August.

Summing up August with some more garden pictures...and some other brief mutterings...

A beautiful birdbath has been added to my rose garden.  I have been looking for one of these for ages and was delighted to find this one on sale today.

The roses haven't done as well this last month as the weather has been so damp, but there are still a few roses bravely displaying their colours.

A few more dahlia photos.

The bees have  been enjoying the dahlias.

Another spider photo - from underneath it.

A few charity shop finds...

A pretty plate.

A replacement teapot for the one that got its spout broken a few years ago now.  This is almost exactly the same, just a little bigger.

A sweet little blue teapot.

Another 'Old Person' ornament to add to my collection. 

Pretty paint work on the top of her bonnet.

A candlewick bedspread.  I think this is probably a single bedspread, but it fits on this bed okay.  (smaller than a double, bigger than a single)

Some books - one of which I have finished reading - 'The Weather in Africa' which was interesting. 

Plus two books ordered from Amazon Marketplace for my September reading:

If I enjoy these I will get some more.

Oh and I picked up this little donkey from a vintage shop this afternoon - I saw it and it immediately brought back memories of one I had that was exactly the same.  I can't remember if my grandparents sent it to me or whether we got it here when I was a very young child before we moved to NZ.

Other mutterings...

My health saga continues, I have had three MRIs, one of which shows 'poor filling of the subclavian and axillary arteries and I have been referred to someone else for that, although have to wait until the end of September to see him as he is currently away.  I feel very frustrated at the continual delays, especially as I have ended up having to go privately for that very reason!    I have had another load of comprehensive blood tests that I am awaiting the results on.  The pain continues to spread to other parts of my body and I am really fed up with feeling in pain all of the time, but trying hard to be positive and get on with things.  Some days are more manageable than others.

Monday, 21 August 2017


I can fit!  Stanley squeezed into Percy's bed.

'Jay' (Jeremy) is bigger than Sylvester now! 

Bailey and Felix enjoy the grass

Food for us?  

Dallas and Dundee always on the lookout for food.

The two wild newbies that I am taming for my son and future DIL are a bit quieter now than they were, but they are still very jittery.  These two had never really been handled and the first few weeks would panic every time I opened the cage, and twice 'Mental Mickey' would take a dive bomb out of it!

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Around my Garden

A rather picture heavy post as I forgot to publish the other day and now I have more to add to it!

Flora and Fauna around my garden, not many words, mainly just pictures as I don't have many words to say at the moment.

I think my garden is the most colourful it has ever been this year and I am really pleased with it.  It makes me smile, and that is good.

These plums were delicious, but ripened too quickly!

Adding a bit of vegetation to the pond to encourage wildlife.  I have a difficult time getting anything to grow round it though - I think it is too shaded and dry.

These Dalmatian beans have been delicious and I wish I'd planted more, but I thought we'd be moving!  Next time I will plant regardless.

My son's gladioli that he planted - shame he isn't at home to see it.

The soft colours are so pretty, but don't show especially well against the white wall.

A range of dahlia, they have been putting on a great display.

Captured and wrapped!

Apples will be ready soon.

The rhubarb is looking better than it was.

Spring onions to have with dinner.