Sunday, 27 July 2014

Catching up.

I haven't posted much recently and have quite a few flower and bird photos to share.  The days have been a mixture of hot and humid weather with thunder storms and torrential rain!  Yesterday was very hot and sticky but today we have had a nice light breeze which has made things more comfortable.  Work has been ongoing in the garden and I have also been doing a spot of sewing, some wood carving and a little knitting in the evening.

The woodpecker visits most mornings and afternoons, but you have to be quick to photograph him as the minute he spots movement he is off!

A couple of blue tits enjoying the peanuts.  It has been wonderful watching these birds grow - they hatched in one of our nest boxes.

Our little robin is gradually colouring up and this has been our most interesting and fun experience this year watching him mature.

We are rather proud of this little robin who is very friendly and inquisitive.

The roses have been a delight and continue to delight with their colour and fragrance - yes fragrance, nearly all our roses were picked not just because of their colour, but also for their scent.

Our tadpoles have been turning into frogs and this has been wonderfully interesting to watch and my little 'wildlife pond' has been a resounding success.

I am pretty much eating raspberries daily - I pick them straight off the canes to eat.  No one else will eat them which delights me!

A hover fly.

More 'oranges and lemons'

Flowers on the runner beans...since this was taken we now have quite a few beans some of which will be ready to be picked very soon.

More raspberries.

One of our little frogs.

Roses in our front garden.

The lavender has spread and is in abundance and full of bees.

The pots are looking pretty.

Well a picture heavy post, but one filled with a riot of colour!

Saturday, 26 July 2014

New Zealand Authors

Two books I have recently finished reading by New Zealand authors which I very much enjoyed are the classic novel by Jane Mander first published in 1920.

This was recommended to me by a friend and I am so glad she did as I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The second was a must read and I as a bit worried due to very mixed reviews despite the fact it won the Booker prize, but I have to say I was well rewarded as it too was a book I very much enjoyed reading.

Both books very different to the usual books I read.  Now off to find some more New Zealand authors!

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Montezuma Castle

After visiting Montezuma Well, we made our way to Montezuma Castle.  

The afternoon was spectacular!

The scenery stark, but breathtaking at the same time.

To see these homes built into the cliffs was amazing

To think many years ago people lived in these cliffs.

Why did they live in the cliff face I wonder?

It may have been due to flooding, but also provided a place of safety and a good defence.  Of course the view would have been pretty awesome as well!  Plus because of the way they face the cliffs would have been shady in the summer and sunny in the winter.

Information boards gave interesting information on how the people may have lived.

Just look at that!

All along the cliffs were evidence of holes which would once have been windows or doors.

The colours were pretty amazing as well...

You can see this information board tells about the different levels..

A closer look.

This five story, twenty room dwelling was called a pueblo and was the home to prehistoric Sinagua people.  

It was abandoned sometime after AD 1400

It is 100 feet above the valley.

Pretty amazing huh?

What's this?

Looks intriguing...


We zoom in for a closer look.

The 'castle' is badly deteriorated but is protected and preserved as a National Monument.

Oh dear...this doesn't look good...

More information boards...

The creek was their lifeline,  bringing and taking lives...they relied on it for water and food.

It looks pretty dry today!

A few more views...

A model of what it may have been like inside

One last glimpse before we make our way back to the information centre

To see such a different type of history to that of which I am used to was absolutely fascinating and so very interesting.  I think it is wonderful that these things are being preserved for future generations.