Sunday, 28 June 2015

Every Day in June - Art

Another online art group I have joined is 'Every Day in June'   I only started on the 19th June as I hadn't heard about it before then...but looking forward to continuing and also taking part in July.

My aim is to do all of these in a short amount of time, not spending too long over them.

The prompt for this one was 'Fashion' so I drew Stevie (one of my Sasha dolls), in her favourite outfit.

 A little bit of fun for 'Nursery Rhyme'


Very simple for today.

My first attempt at watercolour was inspired by the prompt 'Rain'.

This one stumped me as we don't really use the terminology 'In the Can' here, we tend to use the word tin instead of can, and in terms of rubbish, the word bin instead of can.  In the process of trying to decide what to draw my eye was drawn to my 'tin' money box that I use to collect funds for Alzheimers Research - donating £1 of every item I make and sell.

Percy is sweet so attempted to draw him from a photography I took last year.

# 26 was Night Lights, so I thought I would try drawing some candles and a brass candle holder I have....  Hmmm....definitely need to work on this technique!

#27 Something I collect - well where was I going to start?  I decided to use my GA Henty book collection for this.  I took a photo, used an editing programme to turn it into a 'pencil sketch', printed it out and then painted it.


I've had some fun experimenting with water colours.


  1. Your watercolours are looking great … I specially love the "Rain" one … just gorgeous.

    1. Thank you - coming from you, who I know is a wonderful artist, I appreciate the compliments and encouragement.


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