Friday, 26 June 2015

Garden of the Rose

My husband and I had a lovely wander round the Gardens of the Rose in St Albans today - one of our favourite places during the open season.  

So many more roses out in bloom than there were a couple of weeks ago.

I was delighted to capture this little wren

and its partner.

All the flowers were spectacular

The roses glorious

The butterflies were out enjoying the nectar...

This one was warming its wings.

We love that we can take Percy with us as well.

I never tire of the roses - their scent and variety of the colours is just superb...and yes today we did come home with one - will have to take a photo of it tomorrow.


  1. Such beauty! It must smell delightful in the Garden of the Rose!

    1. Yes it is indeed Linda. We are so lucky to have it reasonably close to visit.

  2. Fabulous wren photo. My foxgloves are still small (except for one sheltered one). Hopefully when I get home (Monday night all being well) and if the weather warms up as forecast, I will see some flowers like that too.

    1. Thank you Graham, I was really pleased that I managed to capture the Wren on film. I hope you get some of the warmer weather! Will look forward to seeing photos of your garden in bloom.


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