Saturday, 27 May 2017

Rochester Castle, Kent.

The other day we enjoyed a day out at Rochester Castle.  

Just a few photos that I took while out.  The day was lovely and warm and we had a nice time exploring the castle and the old Rochester Town which has a great range of charity, vintage, antique and second hand book shops!

Fantastic views from the top.

Just look at that leaning wall!

Waiting for lunch in a garden courtyard.

This is where we had lunch.  It was quite pleasant out the back in the garden.

Friday, 26 May 2017

A Walk along the Canal.

Making the most of the lovely weather and also the last day before half term school holidays start we decided to go for a canal walk from Ware to Hertford.  

The dogs came with us as they are always keen for a nice long walk.

The light was shimmering off the water.

Some swans were keeping out of the way in the heat of the day.

Dotted along the canal are various boats that people live in.

So lovely to see a blue sky.

The walk was nice and quiet generally, a few cyclists biked past on occasion.


These swans had some cygnets. 

This house was well placed, although there was a lot of building work going on beside it, so not as peaceful as it may have at first appeared.

Feildes Lock.  Lovely lock-keepers cottage situated on the River Lee.

More canal boats.

Some relatively new 'town houses/flats' built alongside the river.

Not the best of photos, I had my Sigma Lens on my camera today and it is not so good at focusing close up, plus has a tendency of  'lens creep' which can be frustrating.  

We had our lunch in this lovely little Cafe outside in the courtyard.  

I wish they wouldn't bring their 'gadgets' with them seems they are always looking at them!  If I had my way I would have thrown them all in the river.

I saw this Great Crested Grebe fishing in the river on the way back.

I believe this is a Cormorant.

The dappling of the light on the path was very pretty.

The swans close up.

She was telling me not to get too close!

Cute little things.

A very lovely day out after a slightly 'rocky' start to the day.  Plus a good 6 - 7 mile walk.