Monday, 15 June 2015

Too Many Hobbies?

I really have too many hobbies...if that is possible?  Actually I think it is - or at least it is when you don't have the room to actually accommodate all these said hobbies.  But how does one go about deciding which ones to continue with and which ones to abandon?  Of course I know you can apply the 'How much does this give me pleasure?' type questions and the 'Do I still do this hobby?' but when the answer is basically a yes, albeit not quite to the extent you would like due to lack of space, what do you do?

This is my current dilemma as I am attempting to clear, sort, tidy, my sewing studio, which is definitely not big enough to accommodate the fabric, yarn, music, props, dolls, books , sewing machines that are just a few of my hobbies.   Plus why is it more you take out, the more you seem to have? It is a bit like when you buy an electrical appliance from a shop, get it home, take it out of its box, only to find it is faulty and try to repack it.  Only it doesn't ever all fit back into that box!  That is what it is like trying to clear out the sewing studio.  I have to take everything out to sort and tidy it, but can't leave it out, so each afternoon in it all has to go again but it never all fits back in properly and I end up in so much pain by the end of the afternoon!

This photo was taken last week!  Arghhh!

So far I have boxed up 15 32L containers with fabric and put them into a temporary outside mini storage shed - to sort once I have the studio in order...but in reality even when these boxes have been sorted, where will I put what remains?  

I have taken out eight Singer sewing machines, all of which have been my pride and joy and are in full working order to sell - although I want to keep at least two of these as it is heartbreaking to have to sell them, especially when you get next to nothing for them.  They are real work horses, made to last.  

I have given away five Sainsburys size bags of magazines.  I have taken a load of books out to either sell or give away.  Still there is no room in there!

During this process which is far from complete I have 'rediscovered' my Dolls houses and the stories I started writing about them.  This has awakened my interest and I want to keep them...I do have one of the larger ones for sale, although no interest as of yet...but going back and reading the story I had started writing, it is going to be hard to let this go, but there is no room!  As I do pictures/photos to go with my stories, it is not just a case of simply continuing with writing the story without the house...a huge part of my inspiration is visual, using the little antique and vintage dolls and props to help fuel the imagination.

Also stored in my sewing studio are all my music books, those that I used for studying, reading, teaching, and performing.  Although I can't play at the moment and haven't been able to for the last six years, I don't want to completely give up on the thought that the pain might go away.   

The pain has been a major reason I have ended up in this mess - I'm in pain, I collect something else, or try something else and it turns into a vicious cycle as the more pain I have the more I collect and then the harder it is to clear and tidy because I am in pain!  So trying to break it but really thinking hard about what I want to do.  Being a creative person is hard though, as unless you are single minded, which I am obviously not, I like to create in many ways, lots of things are 'needed' in order to create.  Whether through handicrafts such as sewing, knitting, scrapbooking, carving, or taking photos and writing stories, or painting, it all involves STUFF.  

Not really sure where I am going with this rambling, and don't really expect anyone to have read this far....  still trying to sort it out in my own head!

So how does one downsize I wonder?  How do you choose between A & B or C & D?

The more I clear, the more mess I seem to be can that be? The result being the more mess I make the more overwhelmed by it all I feel.

Still I will remind the last week:

Two guinea pig double story hutches and one large run have been taken away.

Five bags of magazines have been given away.

Six bags of clothing for charity are waiting to be taken down to the collection bins or a Charity Shop - they were put out for the roadside collection, but they never collected them.

One sewing machine has been sold

A five piece Vanity/Bedroom set has been sold.

One book has been sold.

Progress IS being made!

What are my hobbies?

Art - painting & drawing
Wood carving
Growing roses - fortunately these are outdoors!
Books - I love books and have various collections as well as research, non-fiction and fiction.
Teddy Bears - although haven't added to these for some years
Dolls - if I only collected/had an interest in one type it would be a lot easier!
Dolls houses - currently have a family history research project that is a work in progress, but currently halted due to lack of space to have it set up to work on it.  The other dolls houses also have stories attached to them.

Music - books, instruments and all that is needed to be involved in music.  Currently in limbo.


  1. Don't despair! You're making amazing progress and at this rate you will soon have your "stuff" pared down to manageable. You are fortunate to have many hobbies even if they do lead to some clutter.

    1. Well I am not so sure about amazing progress....slow progress more like it! Thank you and yes in many ways I am fortunate to have many hobbies and activities I enjoy, but it sure would be easier if I only had one or two!

  2. Oh dear. One of the problems of being a man is the inbuilt desire to try and find a solution. You are not, of course, looking for suggestions and I understand that. When you are ready you will work it out for yourself. It does rather look as though your sewing/knitting/crocheting hobbies have become rather serious collections. I did read it to the end by the way!

    1. Hi there Graham, Wow, you were brave reading through my ramblings! I think you deserve a medal :-) Thank you....not sure it is just a problem of being a man the inbuilt desire to try and find a that is what I am continually doing, and yes you are right when I am ready I will work it out for myself, in fact I think I already have, just not quite ready, or there yet!

      I think I want to try and find a solution to the pain first and then I think everything else will fall into place.

      Yes they are rather serious collections - I have to be continually kept busy or occupied, plus it helps earn a little bit of pocket money every now and again.

  3. Very good post. I can relate to the too many hobbies as I said elsewhere. It's hard to let go and I'm sure it all has helped you get through your pain. Hopefully a solution can be found to the pain. I have to go through my stuff and I have gotten rid of some things but my kids never think I get rid of enough. Here's hoping you figure it all out. Linda S. from Canada


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