Sunday, 16 September 2018

Butterfly House and Dahlia Gardens

On Friday we went out for lunch at Aylett Nurseries in St Albans with our son and daughter in law.  We were delighted to discover they had opened a small Butterfly House as since Butterfly World closed down a few years ago now there has been nothing like it near here.

It was fun spotting the different types of butterflies they had as well as the caterpillars

Big Owl Butterfly

Their caterpillars


I'm not sure which butterfly this is.  Although they had a 'Butterfly Spotter' chart, this one wasn't on it.  

More Flambeaus

The also had a wonderful Dahlia display as well as their Celebration Field and Dahlia Gardens which we really enjoyed wandering round.  We first discovered this last year so I think this will become a yearly event for us to visit these wonderful gardens.  The also have a 'Time for Tea' tent that serves delicious cakes with tea or coffee.

It was a lovely way to spend a few hours and a great way of re-charging ourselves ready to start work on the garage - clearing, sorting and tidying ready for moving one of the Cavy hutch blocks that had been used for storage into the Cavy Shed and thus clearing space for all the book boxes that are currently stacked up in the lounge.

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

A Walk in the Woods

With rain forecast later in the afternoon today and tomorrow, we thought we would take the opportunity while it was dry to take the dogs over to Ashridge Estate.  We also wanted to see how Percy would cope, as this morning he still seemed a little uncertain on his feet and thought we would try him in an environment he normally really enjoys.

Although perhaps not quite as lively as he could be, he seemed basically normal which was a huge relief.

He enjoyed lots of sniffs

whilst we enjoyed the views.

The leaves are starting to change.

It was a dull day, but nice and warm.

There is already evidence of some fungi growing on the fallen logs and trees.

This looks like a skeleton of something imaginary.

Growth on and come out of a fallen log

The dogs enjoying themselves.

Fort building?

Lots of 'dung' beetles out and about


Acorns on and off the trees.

Some new additions to my 'Autumnal' tray.

To finish off a bit of colour to a rather dull but good day.  It was nice to get out with the dogs and go for a more enjoyable walk than just round the footpaths of our local area.