Wednesday, 12 August 2020

Wednesday Words & Pictures.

Does anyone know what this weed (?) is growing in my front lawn?  it is the only part of the lawn that is actually green!

It is starting to cover quite a large patch of lawn.

These are the flowers

Blue sky!  The solar panels have been working hard the last few days.

Always beautiful.

The gunnera is looking better now I have trimmed off the dead leaves and given it a good water.  I also spotted at least five goldfish in the pond today, so they are still there!  They weren't visible for long though.

Spider with some prey.

The pears are starting to look good, need to get a bit bigger yet though, they aren't as 'big' as they look in these two photos.

I picked this apple!

The grapes.

I now know what the circular 'clumps' in the orchard are...they are cyclamen...whatdoyacallits.

I think this is brussels?  I need to check my planting notes.

On my walk...

Down at the beach, gorgeous.

I went for a paddle and wished I'd had my swimsuit and a towel as it was so hot down there.

Actually it has been so hot all day, another scorcher for sure.

Just so beautiful.

A bit of excitement to watch on my walk home... a helicopter hovering

a boat speeding a long

Just cruising...

Helicopter getting closer.  I thought it was a police helicopter, but when I uploaded the photos I saw... was a coastguard helicopter.

It seemed to 'chase' after the boat

and then hover over the top of it for a very long time.  But they are both coastguard vessels, so thinking perhaps they were doing some kind of training exercise.

Pretty as a butterfly in the sun.

Dry fields with an 'anvil cloud' (cumulonimbus incus) in the distance...I wonder if thunder is coming? It is forecast to.

Still cruising along...

Some teasels.

Not a particular active day apart from my walk, but better than yesterday.  The heat was just way too much for me yesterday and I ended up with a bad migraine and stomach discomfort.  Fortunately it didn't last too long, the tablets did the trick.

Monday, 10 August 2020

A Good Monday

A little cooler on the Island today, at least in the morning it was.  I managed to get the plums picked and some jam made, did some gardening, studying and painting.  I enjoyed a lovely walk in the later afternoon and was delighted to spot some dolphins out in the bay - about four or five, it was difficult to tell, and unfortunately a bit far out for  my little pocket camera.

In the garden today:

Beautiful roses.

All a bit too high for me to prune  and dead head roses unfortunately.

Fabulous dragonfly

It was very high up so I had to zoom in to capture it on film.

Someone's cat visited the garden.

In the kitchen:

Picked plums.

Cutting the plums open - quite a lot had yukky creepy crawlies in them, so they ended up in the compost, that was partly why I prepared the plums outside.

A 'double plum'.  

I'm not sure what type of plums they are - either Cambridge Gage or Pershore apparently.

Chop them up. (1307 g of plums)

Add 120 mls of water with 1 tbsp of lemon juice.

Boil and then simmer until plums are soft, add sugar - I added about 1200 g of sugar,  boil until reach setting point.  Pour into sterilised jars.

On my walk...

A bit a sea mist/haze this afternoon, I took this from the seat I sit on most times I come down to the bay.

The fields are so very dry.

A couple of crows.  There was quite  a few of them at one point and there was a kestrel (?) trying to dive bomb them - normally it is the other way round, but it must have been after something.  In the end it did fly away.

The highlight of my walk, as mentioned at the beginning of the blog, was seeing the dolphins.

Art today:  

I'm finding it a bit frustrating that I don't have any of my easel boards anymore, (no thanks to the removal company who lost them!), as I have nothing to prepare and tape the watercolour paper to.  I tried out some of the other papers I have... one was really for acrylic paints, and it definitely wasn't as good for doing water colours on.

This is just a mess!  Free style, is definitely not my style! Ha ha.

I tried an elephant.  Room for improvement, but pleased with my first attempt, using only one colour.