Thursday, 15 February 2018

Catching Up.

Lovely flowers were received yesterday from my husband for Valentine's Day.

Cards were exchanged.

I spotted this Chaffinch in the garden today...I think there were several as I could hear them singing away.

The sun was shining which was nice as we have had such changeable weather lately.

Over the last ten days since I last posted:

Bread has been made

Delicious with my home made plum jam.

Lemon cake has been made and eaten.

Last Friday I had a Ketamine Infusion.  I didn't have such a bad reaction as last time which was good. Heart rate and blood pressure remained stable.  I managed to read through most of it before I got a bit 'fuzzy' and couldn't concentrate.  This was just after they put the drip in.  The nurse had a bit of a problem and I ended up with a brushed arm AND hand...but it is fine now, it didn't especially hurt which was something!  Unfortunately it had no effect and the pain is much as it ever was.  I asked about the Lidocaine patches, but the pain clinic won't prescribe those (read - financial reasons!)  Go figure, fancy prescribing something that might actually help a bit.  

In the garden there has been some signs of spring.

At my son's house there were some lovely snowdrops.  None of mine have come up this year.

Also some beautiful crocus.

We've had a couple of lovely meals out with our beautiful daughter in law and also visited another couple of times which has been nice.  

Currently in the oven.... a fruit cake.

Sunday, 4 February 2018

Sunday Summary

A quiet weekend...

The Robin was busy round the bird feeder

The sun was lovely this morning, but I had a very slow start as woke during the night with a terrible headache for some reason.... it eventually cleared by late afternoon.  This is the room I sleep in when the road noise is quiet - which isn't very often, but this bed is more comfortable than ours, so when I can I sleep in here.

Currently reading this book.

This afternoon we went up to see our DIL and to go out for a meal at the local pub.  I was supposed to be cooking but due to the delay to my day because of the bad head, we decided to have a meal out instead.  It was lovely!  First time we have eaten there and I can see us going back.  On the way home the bells were ringing in the church and it was beautifully lit up.  What a lovely way to finish the day.

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

January that was.

The month of January seems to have absolutely flown by.  What a month it has been!  My son and his beautiful fiancee got married, and it was an amazing wedding and I had the BEST of times.  I have continued my weekly physio treatments and daily exercises, although the treatments have possibly come to an end for a while.  My physiotherapist has left the practice to set up on his own, and I am thinking after just over three months that perhaps it is time to reassess how I think the treatments are or are not working for me and have a break for a while and just continue with the daily exercises.  Finances, or rather lack of them are also contributing to this decision.  Today I thought I would start trying the 'Walk at Home' 1 mile workout by Leslie Sansone that is available on Youtube.  (The only frustrating thing is having to sit through the adverts beforehand).  If it is manageable (time will tell how my body responds)  I will get the DVD.  I want to continue trying to help myself as much as possible with getting my body and pains sorted and healed.  

I am slowly working on trying to clear and sort things in the house, and this is a bit hit and miss depending on how I feel, although earlier this week I did finally take about 10 bags of stuff to the charity shop, so that IS progress.  

After the lovely day we had yesterday, today is dismal and wet and rather dark.  Percy (the Chihuahua) has refused to go outside this morning!  Stanley the Sheltie, did but then wanted to come back in, not because of the weather, but because his big little brother hadn't gone out with him.  

To brighten up what is going to be a dull, wet and windy day, fortunately I took these photos yesterday as I had a wander around a rather damp and messy garden.

The daffodils have buds on them.

As does the rhododendron.

A little bit of colour on the plants outside the conservatory window.  I can see these from my kitchen sink so nice to see a bit of colour.

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

A Canal Walk

We had a lovely walk this afternoon along the canal.  The sun was shining and everything looked bright and cheerful.  

It was the first time we had walked along the canal in this direction.

These fascinating gazebo/summer houses jutting out over the canal were very interesting.

I can imagine they must be really lovely on a warm summer afternoon.

They have a fascinating history as can be seen on the sign below.

It is wonderful that these were in fact restored and not just left to rot completely.

This one was the first to be restored.

We continued on our walk.

These birds were waiting for their regular Tuesday afternoon feed from a couple who told us they come here once a week to feed them.

It was interesting to see the canal boats moored up for winter.

Wonderful reflections.

We stopped at the nature reserve.

A wide variety of birds can be seen in this reserve through the year.

I didn't have my big camera with me, so this is the closest I could zoom in, but you can see their are several species of birds gathered on this little 'island'.

We walked up one side of the canal, and then crossed over and walked back on the other side.

By the end of our walk it had clouded over a bit so we timed it about right.

Nice to get out in the fresh air with the dogs and have some exercise.

Saturday, 20 January 2018

Is it never going to get better?

Feeling rather despondent, after 9 acupuncture sessions (which finished in December) and 11 physiotherapy sessions, plus weeks of daily exercises, I had hoped I would be feeling  the difference, instead I feel like I have just as much pain as ever, if not worse!  The last few days have been particularly bad and I just don't know what to do with myself as I can't get comfortable sitting, standing, lying down or moving.  Obviously the excitement and adrenaline and sheer determination to enjoy last weekend was what got me through, not an improvement in the pain levels!

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

The Wedding.

On Friday we set off for Cornwall to the wonderful wedding venue Trevenna Barns near Bodmin.  

The weather wasn't brilliant and on the Saturday the wedding day, it rained all day although it didn't manage to dampen anyone's spirits and an amazing and fantastic day was had by all who attended.  I don't think I have ever had such fun in a very long time.  So much laughter, dancing and enjoyment of the whole time we were down there.

Sunday morning was a complete contrast, a beautiful blue sky.  It was a real shame it wasn't like this on the Saturday as no outside photos were able to be taken due to the constant rain, but hopefully once we get the photos we won't be disappointed.  If the engagement photos were anything to go by, the wedding photos should be equally as brilliant.

I didn't take any photos while I was there, so am relying on a few photos taken by other family members.  

The reception was held here.

The ceremony was held in the room to the side, an intimate setting, and a beautiful ceremony, personally written by both the bride and groom.

The very delicious wedding cake and yes that is a Lego topper!

Sunday morning pictures of the venue.  As you will see, it is very picturesque and tranquil.

(Actually I did take these photos)

We bought home one of the table flowers and our wedding favours, name cards (not in this photo) and glass decoration toppers.

I am so very proud of my son who organised it all himself.  Both him and his bride make a wonderful couple and we wish them much happiness in their future life together.