Wednesday, 6 February 2019

A Non-Fiction Year.

This year I hope to read a lot more Non-Fiction and have already made a start.  Having been brought up in the country and spent my childhood and early adulthood hiking and camping with my Dad, I have always had an interest in the natural world.  Moving across the world, living in a town, children and various other things have stifled that interest to some extent and I want to reclaim it. 

I was delighted to find some 'new' books today in a Charity Shop, one of which was on my Amazon wish list.  

This book was on my wish list.  So nice when you find something in a CS that you want!

I have always loved trees, and I remember when I first came to live in England, we were in Hatfield at the time and a friend asked me to describe the area we lived in - my description was all about the nature, or rather lack of it around us - there were no trees, and this had such an impact on me...whereas her description was more about the people, closeness to facilities etc...  which hadn't even occurred to me.  Looking back then it is no wonder I felt very much like a 'fish out of water' 'living in a goldfish bowl', if that makes any sense!  I'd grown up on 25 acres with covenanted (protected) bush around us and hence an abundance of bird and insect life.  Suddenly I lived in what seemed to me like a concrete jungle!

The next three look really interesting as well.

I have almost finished my current reading:

I have found this absolutely fascinating and have learnt so much - some of what I had a suspicion of, so good to have my thoughts confirmed, and some things that have astounded me! Some things that have made me raise my eyebrows... but the author has put links and references to all his quotes and information, so you can also refer to those which is good.  A lot of food for thought that is for sure. 

Tuesday, 29 January 2019

This morning's walk.

Today I walked to one of our local parks.  It was forecast for rain, but the morning was quite nice, so I wanted to take the opportunity to get out.  The sun wasn't shining like it was yesterday, but it was still pleasant out.  I was probably out for a just over an hour and walked approximately 4 miles I guess. Although the phone app had quite a different opinion - I realised today when I checked the mileage to the park that the app on the phone is WAY out.  According to google it is 1.3 miles from our house on the route I walked, whereas on the app it said I'd walked 1 km so comes up much less than I have actually walked.  So much for relying on that to get an idea of what sort of mileage I was doing each day.

I have photographed this old tree remains before.  I saw what almost looked like a butterfly flying away from it, at least that is what it seemed to fly like, but I couldn't see clearly enough to tell as it was high up.  I wouldn't have thought there would be a butterfly at this time of year?

There were a few moorhens in the park.

Some more hellebore

The lakes were partially frozen.

The seagulls seemed to have taken up residence on the ice.

The remains of what was once a tree turned into a carving.

Some Coot.


Standing proud.  Their feathers are such a rich colour.

There were a couple of Scaup (I believe that is what they are) on the lake.

Plus cheeky squirrels of course.

Berries on a plant.  Not sure what it is, but the flowers had quite a pretty scent to them.  I have since been advised that this is Sarcococca confusa 

Some tiny snowdrops.

Monday, 28 January 2019

Walk in the Park

It is such a beautiful day today.  I had planned on going up to see my DIL and doing a canal walk, but she was feeling tired after working 10 days in a row, so I went to Trent Park for a walk instead.

It was 1 degree Celsius when I started, but it warmed up with the sun shining and I actually had to unzip my jacket and take my scarf off...although I did keep my hat on! 

The park is quite bare at this time of year.  I used to go for almost daily walks in this park a few years ago with Percy, but that kind of drifted off and now with his various health issues he currently doesn't have the ability or stamina to do such a walk which is a real shame as I used to really enjoy our walks together.  

I spy some gorse - the curse of the New Zealand farmer, but not such a problem over here.

A bit of yellow amongst the browns and greys.

Some blossom.

Green moss on fallen logs

A squirrel amongst the shooting daffodils.

More blossom.

The lake looked lovely with the sun shining on it.

Not a huge amount of bird life on the water today.

You can always rely on a Robin.

An inquisitive crow.

Some pretty hellebores.

At last I spied some snow drops!

Soon time to go home...I could have stayed out much longer than I did, but I had to get back as hubby needed the car.

Getting out in the fresh air on a crisp day with a beautiful blue sky always makes me feel so much better.  I can almost forget about the pain - although there are constant twinges, burning and reminders that it is there.