Sunday, 20 August 2017

Around my Garden

A rather picture heavy post as I forgot to publish the other day and now I have more to add to it!

Flora and Fauna around my garden, not many words, mainly just pictures as I don't have many words to say at the moment.

I think my garden is the most colourful it has ever been this year and I am really pleased with it.  It makes me smile, and that is good.

These plums were delicious, but ripened too quickly!

Adding a bit of vegetation to the pond to encourage wildlife.  I have a difficult time getting anything to grow round it though - I think it is too shaded and dry.

These Dalmatian beans have been delicious and I wish I'd planted more, but I thought we'd be moving!  Next time I will plant regardless.

My son's gladioli that he planted - shame he isn't at home to see it.

The soft colours are so pretty, but don't show especially well against the white wall.

A range of dahlia, they have been putting on a great display.

Captured and wrapped!

Apples will be ready soon.

The rhubarb is looking better than it was.

Spring onions to have with dinner.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Wrest Park Walk

Tuesday we went to Wrest Park for a walk with the dogs.  I took my new pocket camera with me and wasn't disappointed with the results.  It certainly makes it easier to have such a light camera, especially when the results are so pleasing.

Zooming in!