Sunday, 11 August 2019

Impromptu Week Away

We had an unexpected week away this last week, booked at the last minute, taking advantage of a special offer.

We stayed in a little cottage next to Parkhurst Forest, Isle of Wight.

Nora's Cottage was attached to the owners property.  We don't normally choose a holiday accommodation that is attached to another property, but we decided to give it a go.

Unfortunately it seemed that our Sheltie, Stanley found it very stressful due to all the other noises he could hear.  Either that or he could hear 'bogey monsters'!  We had the full gamut of vomiting, diarrhoea and general panicking behaviour.  Not much fun!

The gardens were lovely.

The dogs enjoyed walking round them each day and also enjoyed walking through the forest.  Although sadly despite the forest being just across the road, the access was further up the road, and the road was busy at times with no footpaths, so not so easy to navigate with a little blind dog, especially when quite a few drivers didn't slow down when they went past.

I forgot to take photos when we first arrived so the bed looks a little dishevelled. 

The cottage was well set up with thoughtful extras should you need them.  The only thing it didn't have was a proper oven, but had a table top grill/oven instead.  

The little courtyard was fully enclosed which was really good for the dogs. We also enjoyed sitting out here for some of our meals and a cuppa or two.

Beautiful gardens with lots of butterflies and birds.

We walked through the forest and found the Signal Station and saw the carved statue that was commissioned.

This tree was completely covered with vines.

We went to our favourite outdoor cafe a couple of times at Castlehaven.

The sandwiches didn't disappoint.

We walked down to a beach near St Lawrence

Along the coastal walk.

Admired large old houses with amazing views.

Beautiful coastal walk.

We walked along the Undercliff Road from St Lawrence to Niton.  Such an amazing abundance of wildlife and such a peaceful walk now the road is closed.  Nature is making a real comeback and I hope they never reopen the road but instead promote it as a place of natural beauty that it is.

We went to Farringford, the home of Tennyson.  Such a majestic building.

Cattle in the adjacent field.

Lovely old tree seen from the walk around the property.

An amazing magnolia is growing up against the house and was there when Tennyson lived there.

It was stunning!

In the lovely gardens bees were busy collecting pollen.

I highly recommend this garden.  I have been following the progress of it on Instagram since they first start work on it.  Amazing transformation!

On the way home we saw one of the ships my son has navigated in the past.  It is also one we have been shown around.  The photo was taken through the ferry windows, so unfortunately isn't the best.  The door to getting outside was closed due to the inclement weather so I couldn't get out there.

We had a lovely week away. My stomach/inside pains generally behaved themselves as well, so although not feeling wonderful, I wasn't too bad.  Enjoyed a couple of very nice roast dinners at The Sun Inn at Calbourne.  Very good prompt service and delicious food.  Discovered a new little cafe at Freshwater, which although on the main road, so a little noisy, had the most delicious cakes.  We also discovered another relatively new cafe in Godshill and enjoyed a drink there a couple of times.  A great place for vegans and vegetarians as it is a totally meat free cafe.  I also believe they do a lot of gluten free dishes as well.