Sunday, 14 June 2015

Flowers on Sunday

Into the has rained the last couple of days so been a bit miserable.  The first four photos were taken yesterday during a brief dry spell.  

This spider was seen when we were clearing out a mini storage shed which we have moved to the back of the garden.  We are finally having the house painted which also means a jolly good clear out and clean up!

The rest of the flowers were taken during the week.  All from my garden.

The tadpoles are growing up!  They were all enjoying a spot of warm sun one afternoon.

Every morning a woodpecker visits our bird feeders...but he/she is proving to be very elusive when it comes to capturing her/him on film!  Hopefully patience will eventually pay off and reward me with a shot.

I am still working away at clearing and sorting.... I have started to clear out my sewing studio, but had to stop due to the rain as I have to move everything out and put on the patio area and then put everything back in again later in the day before I have finished which means the job seems to take so much longer!  I just seem to be so exhausted all the time which doesn't make a lot of sense as I am otherwise fit and healthy and eating properly.  Wondering if my iron stores have dropped to a low level again - can't think of any other reason why I would feel so exhausted.  True I don't sleep especially well because of the pain, but this is something else.  It is more than just being tired.

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