Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Birds and the Garden.

Mr Sparrow has been kept busy today.

The feeding station has had many visits

as he feeds his hungry tribe.

The little Dunnock has also been out feeding, but not seen any young.

A lone Starling is enjoying the worms.

The flowers in the garden are looking gorgeous.

The gooseberries are almost ready for me to make jam with.

Gorgeous roses.

Loving the foxglove.

Rain on Saturday

Roses today.

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  1. Hi Serenata, first of all thank you for visiting my blog and following it, and for your sweet comment! And wow, you have a lovely garden! The birds photos are great, and you have amazing flowers! I read your art post with the portrait, bravo with your first portrait, a face is very hard to draw or paint isn't it, but you did a great job! I love drawing human faces as each face is so different, I hope the model will come again to your art class, so you can study her face from different angles. Big hug!


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