Thursday, 4 June 2015

Art & Gardening on a Sunny Thursday.

Well it has been a glorious day today - sunshine at last!

The morning started with art group.

I finished the picture of my Dad looking out to see.

'Hitty Madge' also finished a mini picture ;-)

Amazing what a pegged wooden doll can paint!

I realised I hadn't shown a couple of other paintings I had done at art group yet.

This is the wreck of the old original 'slaughter house' in the middle of a field in the village where my parents live.

This was a still life we had to do - way out of my comfort zone!

My husband and I went out to one of the local garden centres for lunch then spent the afternoon in our garden.

I cut the front lawn with shears - it was over knee high!  Hopefully will be short enough now for the push mower to go over it.  Some trees and shrubs have been trimmed, some plants have been potted and some general tidying - still a lot to do though.

Some photos of the flowers today.

Four potted plants...where the last is was where I originally planned on planting them, but in my clearing I discovered there was a wild bee nest, and so left it has is and potted the plants instead...only one plant can currently go in this area as I didn't want to disturb them any more than I had already.

Wandering around the rest of the garden I took the following:

Self seeded Delphiniums

Self seeded Foxglove

Apples on our new apple tree we bought from the 'bargain basement' section of the garden centre late last year.

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