Monday, 8 June 2015

Selling my Vintage & Antique Singer Sewing Machines.

I've decided to sell most of my vintage Singer sewing machines.  I will be sad to see them go...I had always pictured in my mind having somewhere big enough where I could have them all set up and on display as they really are works of art.  The machinery, design and decorations on them made to last and look good.  There is just something about these machines that brings a smile to my face....they sew well and are true and straight.   Sadly though I really just don't have the room, and they are just taking up room I don't have.  

The first went today.  My 15K Singer Sewing Machine.

This machine is capable of sewing leather and thick fabrics, sews true and straight and also has reverse stitch!

Good bye 15K  I hope you behave in your new home!  

Only about another six at least to sell now!

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  1. My mother had a Singer sewing machine which looked like that but was housed in a large light oak cabinet. It was her much-used pride and joy.


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