My Vintage Singer Sewing Machine Collection

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This treadle sewing machine 'Primrose'  dates from about 1885 and is I believe an 'Improved Family' Singer.

 In fully working condition with beautiful decals, this really is a stunning machine.

Such attention to detail with walnut inserts in wooden cover.

Beautiful Daisy/Cornflower/Apple blossom Decals.


Crank Handles.

Next we have my Crank Handle 99K.  This is very much like the machine that I learnt to sew on.   I remember my mother buying it for me. Sadly it was passed on many years ago. 

1924 99K Date allocated June 21 1924
This Singer was bought for my DS1 at a carboot sale many years ago when I was home educating him. I learnt on a machine like this which sadly I no longer have so it seemed natural to teach him to sew on a similar machine.



Next up is one of my favourite machines, my Featherweight 222K

In this two tone blue case is another Featherweight.

This time the white model.

This machine needed quite a lot of work to get her working again properly, but thanks to online manuals and a lot of perseverance I managed to sort it out and it sews well.

In my collection I also have a Featherweight 221K


This is one of the smaller 99K electric sewing machines with the red and gold badge.

It is a lovely machine and sews well.


The next machine is a Singer 201K

Considered one of the best Singers ever made she is a 201K and when bought new would have cost approximately 27 weeks wages!

I feel extremely privilidged to be the owner of Muriel. She was bought new in 1940 and has been in the same family ever since. Unfortunately her owner 'Muriel' has had to go in a home and she was up for sale. Now I put a bid in for her, never expecting to win her...especially for £13!! Oh I feel so lucky, and she has been a nice little pick me up. Even hubby is in love with her. Okay, maybe not in love, but he has said she was nice.

 She sews like a dream and is amazingly quiet.

Threading a Singer Sewing Machine:


A 185


Singer 28K

I discovered this lovely machine at a flea market in May 2011, in a locked case...intrigued I had to open it.  To my delight this lovely machine was inside.

Beautifully clean and ornate dating to 1935, this shuttle bobbin, hand crank machine has obviously been well looked after…

Next up we have 'Agnes' 

 This time a Singer New Family Model 12 (sometimes kown as Fiddleback) dated around 1889. (The first serial number dates it to 1877, the second to 1889)

'Agnes' is a little beauty!


1901 Model 28K Allocated Jan - Jun 1901.


Singer 185K Produced from around 1955 - 1964
This is a lovely machine and I must admit I am quite taken with it - not sure why - I just am. This was bought in a CS not long before Christmas 2009  I had seen it in the shop for a few weeks, and eventually the allure of it was too much and I had to bring it home with me!


Moving to something a little more 'modern' now is this Singer 338


Having to cut down on my collection due to lack of space, this beauty has now found another home.

Model 15K (Photos to come)

Treadle 'Annie'

I just love the Lotus decal design, and had admired photos of these lovely machines on the web.

I'd also of course admired this machine on Val's blog back in January, never ever expecting that one day she would be mine!

Isn't it wonderful?

She dates from 23rd January 1923, when a run of 60,000 of these machines 66K were made.


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing all your Singers!

    1. I will try to get on to transferring the page over from my original blog. I wanted to totally reorganise the page, but not sure I have time at the moment, so maybe should just copy and paste it as it is for now?

  2. Wow, they are GORGEOUS!!!!!

    I'm so glad to find I'm not the only one who has lots of sewing machines - and especially loves the Singers...

    1. They are definitely works of art! I think I may have to part with a lot though come April time...I just don't have the space to have them out and am running out of room for other things.

  3. Ha I'm so glad I'm not the only one that collects sewing machines! Singers are my favs too, but yours is more beautiful than mine.

    1. I've had to let some go due to storage issues - not enough of it!


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