Thursday, 25 June 2015

The Regent's Park, London

I had to go into London today to see the surgeon who operated on me six years ago...the operation which has left me with constant pain!   Anyway, we thought we would make an afternoon of it and visit Regents Park before the appointment.  We sat and ate our lunch admiring the wonderful flowers. The park was a delight of colour, the afternoon was very warm, dare I say it?  Hot even!  There is rather a photo overload as I was using my husband's camera - I realised I hadn't used it in ages, and I need to get used to it, so I can take it to Fort Worth, Texas with me next month as it is so much lighter than my camera.  I am pretty pleased with how the photos came out.

We sat in the Avenue Gardens while we ate our lunch.

Love this, what fun!

We walked through Queen Mary's Gardens and admired all the roses.  It smelt divine!

Loved the shiny surface of this bug - some kind of ladybird?

We walked over the bridge and around the lake.

Stopped and watched the Coot and her chicks for a while

Funny looking things they were.

She feeds them.

Okay so I definitely got carried away photographing them!

So soft looking.

The gardens near the Boathouse Cafe were also bright with colour.

It was a very pleasant way to spend an afternoon...if only we had known we would have to wait over an hour to be seen, we could have spent longer in the park!


  1. your photos are as spectacular as ever! love that little bug and the baby coots.
    The flowers are stunning. What beautiful gardens.
    Exciting having an overseas trip next month!

    1. Hi Marina, thank you! Glad you enjoyed them. Yes I am looking forward to a few days away.


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