Sunday, 7 June 2015

Flowers on Sunday

Self-seeded Delphinium

Self-seeded Foxglove

Some more self-seeded foxglove seedlings that I have replanted.

Forget me nots growing in the not yet planted up vegetable box.


Apples on our bargain basement apple tree we bought late last year.

Recently planted begonias in pots:

More of my roses of course.

Rhapsody in blue.... I have to move three of my roses tomorrow as they are growing outside our bedroom window and the house and windows are being painted and they are in the hoping they won't mind be transplanted into pots!

Now for the mystery of the week!

If it wasn't for the fact that I take photos of my roses almost everyday I wouldn't have believed this if I had been told it....but 

my 'Blue for You' rose changed colour, virtually overnight!

Yes that is right.  It was this colour:

The it rained really heavily one night this week...the following day the flowering buds all looked like they had died, so I dead headed those that had and left the unopened still live ones on the bush....

The following day a couple had opened and they were pink!

Yes it is the same plant!

All the remaining buds are now pink!

How can this be?  They are quite different and definitely not blue or purple now!

The gooseberries will be ready for jam making soon!

The raspberries are coming along nicely.

Oh and of course some more roses!

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