Thursday, 9 February 2017

My Kindle Saga

Well after much debating, thinking and trying to decide, I finally agreed to have a new Kindle, even though what I really wanted was mine working...  

But with a screen looking like this, and having phoned the Kindle support people I was told that it was not repairable.

So the new one duly arrived.  Yes it is smaller, but it felt almost too small.  The screen felt 'rougher' and when I actually turned it on the screen was too bright to read, so I had to turn the brightness WAY down which then seem to affect the clarity or ease of reading. It certainly didn't feel like reading a proper book, whereas my other kindle was easy on the eye to read and much like reading a book.

I discovered it was not at all easy to use the touch keyboard, the d often came out as an f despite being very careful how I touched the key.  I didn't like how you had to swipe the screen to turn the pages.  That means you HAVE to hold on with one hand and use the other hand to turn the pages, which partly defeated the object of me having a kindle which was to be able to use it completely one handed which I could do with my original keyboard kindle.    It also didn't always recognise my touch - perhaps because of the problem I have with my hand?  I am not sure but I have similar problems with other touch screen items.  

Then to add insult to injury some of the features didn't seem to be available.  The help desk person couldn't work out why either, just suggested it was perhaps because I wasn't connected to Wifi, just using the 3G.  Well later I managed to connect to Wifi and it still didn't make any difference.  Three features, including 'collections' which was obviously one I wanted, was blanked out.  

Now this Kindle WAS NOT cheap and I also had to pay extra to not have adverts on the screen.  I was not happy.  In fact I was very unhappy with it.  I just wanted MY kindle.

Well my husband then discovered there was a repair service offered on Ebay.  The listing showed screens just like mine, it was for a very reasonable price and I figured what did I have to lose?  I packaged the new kindle back up and returned it - even before mine was fixed, that was how much I disliked it.

I sent my kindle off on Tuesday and got it back today!

The screen is perfect, and everything works just how I want it to.  I can hold it one handed and turn the pages with that one hand at an easy click of the side buttons.

I can't recommend the service this person does highly enough and I am so very grateful to have my kindle back again in full working order.   For anyone who needs a screen fixed on their Kindle, this is the Ebay user name of the guy who did mine:  steve15r  

Friday, 3 February 2017

Smashbooking and Decluttering!

Next month I have a 'big' birthday coming up, although of course I am still only really 36 years old!  At least that is my story and I am sticking to it.  I am away for my birthday visiting my parents in New Zealand so my friend thought she would surprise me with an early birthday present which arrived today.

A scrap/smash booking journal.

She knows just what I like and picked the 'botanical' theme.  

Love this - on so many different levels.  Of course 'Come Fly With Me'  written for Frank Sinatra is pretty well known and I have played it many times with various bands I have played in. 

Books and a cup of tea - the perfect combination!

Butterflies - I love butterflies and we have a couple on our house.

Beautiful pages with flowers and designs.

I am going to have fun with this journal.

It has been years since I have done any scrapbooking, and this is a slightly different, looser approach and might give me the inspiration I need to get creative again.


I am taking part in a 'Minimalism Game' for the month of February with some friends.  

The aim is to help them finish their decluttering projects and for me to start, getting rid of at least one item on the 1st, two on the 2nd, three on the 3rd and so forth.

I am finding this very difficult and quite overwhelming and never know quite where to start.  Today I had the 'bright idea' to clear under my side of the bed.  Goodness knows why as most of what is under there has no where else it can go so will need to go back again.    I promptly burst into tears at what on earth I was going to do with it all.  There was music, photo albums, books, and other 'stuff'.  I managed to pull myself back together again and made a start.

I emptied one of the plastic boxes and discovered three of the older albums that had belonged to my grandparents were unused, so they have gone in a box for the charity shop along with a plastic leaf folder and a little pencil & pad 'thing'.  

A load of papers went into the recycling and other stuff went straight into the rubbish.

The music has been transferred from an open top plastic box, to the one with the lid (that held the above stuff), so now it is protected.  The remaining photographs and slides fit in a smaller photo box I already had.  So that is one less big box that needs to go back under the bed.  Only small progress, but progress, so I guess it has to count for something.

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Gold Finches

Glancing out our rather dirty patio window today I was delighted to see a couple of beautiful Gold Finches visiting the bird feeders again.  The murky wet and damp weather must have brought them in.

The photos aren't brilliant, I had to zoom in quite a bit to take the shots, and it is pretty gloomy out there, but they give a good idea of how pretty these birds are.