My Dolls Houses

Number 1 Lollipop Lane

This is a GeeBee house in amazing condition for its age.  It is from the 50/60s and is in 1/16th scale.

GeeBee dolls houses were made in Hull between the years 1946 and 1981 (the last three years being produced under Humbrol).  GeeBee was apparently a trademark of the Tudor Toy Co.

I love the little awnings that come out over the windows, so sweet.  The only thing I am not sure about at the moment is that the windows appear to be Romside windows, so I don't know if they replacements, or whether they GeeBee used Romside windows as well.

Internally it is a blank canvas for me to do what I like with it!

The fun begins.

A family of four will be living here.  At the moment the only name I know is the one for the mother - she is called Grace.


My other house is 119 Mimms Hall Road and will be set in the 1940s and will be based on my Dad's house that he lived in as a child.  It will be a way for me to record the wonderful bedtime stories he used to tell me when I was young about his childhood and the mischief  adventures he used to get up to.  I am looking forward to this long term Family History project that will in many ways be a joint collaboration between my Dad and I, even thought he is 12,000 miles away!  A good excuse for many more phone calls!

Internal photos.  Most rooms will have to be redecorated in a more suitable for the period style.


  1. I have the exact Gee Bee House and the windows are the same ,
    this has been in the family from new , and windows not been replaced so they are original

    1. Thank you for leaving a comment and letting me know this. How wonderful. Can I also ask, does it have some kind of lighting mechanism down the inside can't really see from my photographs, but this house does.

  2. Hi I have this house and the windows are unoriginal ones


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