Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Day Thirty One - The Month that Was.

Photo of the Day:

Art Prompt: Own Choice

Raven in Flight

Gosh it is the end of the month already!  It really does seem to have zoomed past ever so quicly.

Looking back at October....

At the end of September I made a goal to clear my sewing studio by the end of October, thinking that having whole month I should be able to achieve such a task.  Well I failed - although I am going to try not to look on it as failure, but rather progress as so many other things have also happened over the last month.  I have made real headway on getting some actual treatment for my existing pain and also the pain that has plagued me since April.  Whether this treatment will work, is yet to be determined, but I am hopeful and that is a step in the right direction. Because of this I have had MANY trips into London which of course take up time.   I HAVE started clearing my studio, but to the outsider it wouldn't be at all obvious as it is still a complete mess in there, and now our dining room is a mess as well with stuff I have sorted to sell!  Perhaps it will be cleared by the end of November?

Over the last 21 days I have made 13 Ebay sales which amounts to 24 items, so that is progress in itself.  I also have a pile of boxes and bags that I need to take to the charity shop which I hope to do this week.  I have more items to list as well and hope to get them done in the next couple of days.

I managed to take part in the 'Photo a Day for the Month of October Challenge' on Flickr.

Here is a mosaic of days 1 - 30, with today's photo being at the top of this post.

I have also completed the 'Every Day in October' Art Challenge, although this has been a bit more difficult to keep up with.  I went back to art, but have to stop while having my acupuncture treatment as unfortunately this is on the same day.  I will try to find out if there is another group I can go to on a different day.

A Mosaic of Days 1 - 30 with today' picture at the top of this post.

I have quite enjoyed this challenge, although some of the prompts were really not my thing.  As someone who doesn't 'do' Halloween, quite a few of them were orientated towards that.  All pictures have now also been added to the appropriate day as I had missed uploading some.  Some of these I am not at all pleased with, others I am.  But the whole idea was just to go with the prompt, not take too long over it and I think I have achieved that.

'We' have started stripping the wallpaper off the walls in our master bedroom, and hopefully that will be fully decorated by the end of November.  We have had to change our plans slightly as we were going to get someone in to do the whole job, but due to my medical expenses, we have had to change that, so now hubby is doing the stripping and prepping of the walls and the painting and we will get someone in to do the wallpapering, IF the price is right.  Otherwise it could be along time before it is ever finished!  Of course doing this has meant that now the lounge is full of stuff that we have moved out of the bedroom!  So I hope we don't have any visitors for a while as the house is quite frankly a mess.  We have also had the floor measured up for carpet, so now just have to go and choose some.

One week into October I decided to start going on the elliptical trainer/exercise machine (as well as the walking the dogs).  I have managed to go on it 13 days out of 23 (56 %) so far which isn't too bad, as some of those days I had to go into London and have various tests etc...  I have also started the physio exercises, and do those daily.  I am now on Day 4 of those. 

Another thing I have started to do is practice my clarinet again as I just miss it too much to not play anymore.  It still hurts a lot, but the pleasure I am getting from playing is almost counteracting that.  So although early days yet, I will see how I go. I have played 17 out of the 23 days, so have achieved 74%  - not bad, especially again considering some days I haven't felt like it, or have had trips into London.  I have tried to play before and I think I managed about three months before I had to give up again.  Hopefully with the treatment I am getting I will be able to continue.  Mind over matter as they say.  I worked too hard for too many years to throw my music away. 

I finally got round to banking some cheques, only to realise when I was paying them in one of them had been written out incorrectly - the words and numbers didn't match up.  Now our bank no longer has a branch locally it is more of a hassle to have to go to the bank as it involves driving, paying parking charges etc...  Such a nuisance our local branch is no longer.  Seems crazy as the population in our town has increased!  I hate to think what the older people do now - perhaps they have changed banks, I do know at least a couple of people who have done this.

Because I had to drive to another town to do the banking and pay for parking I figured I might has well have a look round the charity shops.  They don't tend to interest me as much as they used to, not sure if I just feel I have enough now, or because you can't get the bargains that you used to be able to get.  I did find one thing though for my 'old people' collection that sit on the picture rail that runs down the length of our hallway.

I haven't seen this one before.  Love the donkey!

November tomorrow!  The nights are already drawing in, and it was definitely a lot colder today than it has been.  It is pitch black outside already and it is only 5 pm.  Brrr...I don't like these colder darker days. 


  1. I enjoyed your artwork. It's impressive to see the whole month's worth of stuff all at once! I really like your photographs. They all came out beautifully.

    1. Thank you Sally, it is a good way to get back into drawing but following one of these challenges, even if I am not completely happy with many of the drawings! I enjoy photography, although the light is not so good at this time of year.

  2. I'm not fond of the early darkening either...nor the cold. The older I get the more I feel cold.
    That's a nice figurine of the old man and his patient donkey.
    I think all considered you did get a lot done in October and will no doubt get more done in November.

    1. Thank you :-) I have always felt the cold, so winter is torture for me, especially now my body can't seem to cope with wearing heavy items!

  3. I enjoyed your art work and photography this month and I love the photo mosaic. Everything just seems to fit together. You certainly have had a busy month. Just selling things on eBay can be incredibly time consuming - photos, writing descriptions, listing, packing, shipping etc. I really don't know how people do it as a living. It's far easier to buy things on eBay ;-) So good to hear that you've been playing the clarinet.

    1. Thank you Steve. It is good to record the month like this, especially when you are feeling overwhelmed and think you haven't achieved much, to find out you actually haven't done too badly.

      I hate listing things on eBay, it really is a faff...I am much better at buying too!

      I wasn't sure whether to 'confess' I had been playing the clarinet again in case it ends in failure yet again with having to stop because of the pain, but decided it is worth noting and it is a positive thing.


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