Sunday, 29 October 2017

Day Twenty Nine

Photo of the Day:

It turned into quite a nice day today, and this afternoon the sun cast pretty dappling shadows through the leaves.  The dogs enjoyed a walk this afternoon, as did we.

We had a pleasant morning walking around a Vintage Fair held at Ware Drill Hall. 

There was a good range of stalls, from glassware, jewellery, clothing, knick knacks and bits and bobs, china, woodwork and small furniture items.  There was even a really lovely antique Singer Sewing Machine that looked to be in immaculate condition, but I walked away, telling myself I don't really need any more as I am supposed to be downsizing my Vintage Singer Sewing Machine collection.

We had a pleasant cup of tea and cake in the 'vintage tea shop' that had been set up while we listened to some music.

 I saw a teapot I really liked which my husband kindly bought me, and on the same stall I also saw a lovely tea cup trio and the lady kindly discounted it and so that also came home with us.

The tea pot  is Burgess Ware and I think it dates to the 1930s.

This pretty trio is Tuscan Bone China, and looking at the stamp on the bottom, it dates from c1936. 

I will have my morning tea from this tomorrow along with the last slice of Christmas Cake!

(I have added my daily art piece to yesterday's post, and hopefully tomorrow I will add the rest to the previous posts that I have missed, and also today's post)

Art Prompt:  Black Cat


  1. What a lovely day out and some great finds. I loved the teapot.

  2. Love the teapot, cup and saucer but I'm a bit worried by that man in one of your photos!

    1. Ha ha, yes indeed! Do you think he might not have been impressed I was taking a photo?

  3. The fair looks like a fun event. Nice that you got treated to some pretty dishes. How is it that you're down to the last slice of Christmas cake; is that this year's cake? Or the last of last year's?

    1. Last year's Christmas cake...I have been the only one who has been eating it, so have been able to make it last! It just keeps tasting better and better.


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