Sunday, 8 October 2017

Day Eight

Today's Prompt = Gourds

Hmmm...not very good.  Still life needs work!

Photo of the Day - Blue

Around the home:

Last week I bought this vintage fifties mirror which I am really pleased with.  I saw it a few weeks ago when out with DH, but he 'cramps' my style, so I went back and bought it on Thursday after art group.

I finished sewing my hexagon flowers together.

Not quite sure what to do with them now.  I need to decide whether to make another three for each end, or just another two for each end and then whether to applique onto some other fabric.  The jury is still out.

Last night despite a rather dreary and damp day, the sky started glowing and when I went to close the Cavy Shed up, I saw a fantastic rainbow and sunset in the sky.

This morning as a result of 'red sky at night' dawned lovely and bright, although it did cloud over by late morning, however it stayed fine all day and the dogs got a nice long walk, with me gritting my teeth and hobbling along.

I have spent the rest of the day listing items on Evilbay.  I am pleased to say I have made some sales already so that is good.  A little bit a day as they say... and eventually I will have the house a lot clearer.


  1. Love the hexi flowers, how about 2 on each end and then 1 on each end?

    1. Yes that is what I meant, only you have made it sound so much clearer! :) Of course then I have to decide just what to do next. The hand sewing is making my hands and arms hurt a fair bit, so have to rest them again for a while.

  2. I like the sky photos, so lovely!
    I also like your old mirror. I used to collect old mirrors and as long as they had nice wide oak frames my DH was on board. He has a thing about oak but having been a woodworker all his life I guess he's allowed< Anyway, we had to stop buying them because we had no more spots to hang them. Right now there's a big heavy one hanging over the bed. Did I mention that we live in an area where small earthquakes are not uncommon? We keep hearing about the "big one" that's coming but it could be in a hundred years.

  3. The mirror is very attractive. I would never have the patience to make the hexagon flowers. Your sky really was on fire and the addition of the rainbow in such a sunset rather unusual as well as beautiful.

  4. Love that rainbow. The mirror is pretty cool, too.

  5. Love the mirror and a great photo with the reflection. Such a gorgeous rainbow and red sky.


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