Saturday, 4 November 2017

The Days Go By...

Thursday morning was damp and overcast, and rather on the chilly side and it didn't really warm up all day.

The weather hasn't stopped 'Ingrid Bergman' from flowering beautifully though.

I had to go into London for my third acupuncture session in the afternoon.  I don't mind this particular journey too much as it is just one train to catch and I just sit on it until the end of the line.  I was feeling particularly bad and down  as I had had a bad night and was also tired.   He tried something different today to see if I would respond better.  A more traditional Chinese method where I had needles put into all the outer points - there was some special name/terminology used, but I can't remember what it was.  I had needles in my feet, knee area, hands, elbows and head and then had to lie there for about 15 minutes.  I don't think I have responded favourably this time either as felt pretty bad that evening with a slight pain in my head also and by the end of the following day I had bad pain in my head and just didn't feel very good at all.  Time will tell I guess.  I was told I would need 6 - 10 sessions before we knew whether it was going to make a difference.

Friday morning dawned quite differently to Thursday.  The sun streamed through my window and it was a beautiful day.

Lovely clear blue sky - the sort of crisp Autumn day I love, and actually it wasn't too cold, relatively mild really.

I took some more photos of the beautiful red roses in my garden.

Touches of colour that remain in the garden.

Even a dandelion was flowering!

I decided to bring one of the roses inside as the forecast was for rain the following day.

Such a beautiful rose, with a lovely scent as well.

We decided to make the most of the lovely morning and took the dogs for a walk in a local park.

Greens and blue, such a lovely day.

One of the wood sculptures in the park.

Autumn leaves 

Glimpses of red

Such a vibrant red on this tree.

Even the pond looked good - sometimes this pond can look a bit messy.

Something has caught Percy's eye.

Stanley has spotted something as well.

Continuing on our walk.

Another pond, this one much larger.


Two happy dogs.


Heading back to the car the dogs refused to get in, or go near it - clearly indicating they felt their walk hadn't been long enough.

 So we walked for an extra twenty minutes round some streets and spotted these two Great Danes standing guard in someone's front garden.


This morning it is a complete contrast to yesterday - very grey and very wet!  A day to stay inside.  Hopefully it will also put off the many bangs that terrify the animals tonight - aka fireworks!  Last night was pretty bad and seemed to go on for hours.


  1. Do hope the accupuncture will help eventually. Loved the walk with you thanks for sharing.

  2. Isn't it amazing how a sunny day can make us feel better. I get very depressed if it stays gray too long. The dog statues are great.

  3. Those Great Danes are impressive. And I love your roses. so pretty!

  4. You have a great place to go walking...very pretty. Your Rose is still blooming!! Such a lovely shade of red!


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