Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Day Seventeen

Photo of the Day: 

'Wanton Destruction'

Our horror when we walked down the road to discover they weren't 'trimming' the trees, but totally removing the beautiful Oak tree that was probably planted when the street was first established in the late forties.  There had been no consultation period, the 'permit' number, wasn't searchable and the tree people apparently didn't even know it was an Oak!  One even said he thought it was a Silver Birch tree....I waved a handful of Oak leaves in his face and said, well what do you think these are then?  Are people really that uneducated who work with trees, that they don't even know what an Oak tree is??  Of course you couldn't contact anyone either and they didn't know who had given the order to have it removed!  Hertfordshire/Hertsmere Borough Council and Highway Maintenance ought be ashamed of themselves.  Of course with our experience, this disgraceful type of behaviour isn't at all surprising.  This was one of three beautiful healthy Oak trees in our road.  I hope the remaining two aren't destined for the same treatment!  Why they just couldn't have pruned it a bit is anyone's guess.  So very sad indeed to see this beautiful tree destroyed.  They didn't even use the wood, it was turned into wood chips!  


If I'd know this was what was happening I would have gone down the road first thing this morning and refused to move from underneath the tree in protest.  Unfortunately we didn't realise (as I say, I thought they were just pruning the trees) until we were on the way to the hospital for my tests.  


Prompt for today was Tarantula, but I did Spider:

Sketching from a photo of the spider I took a photo of the other day.


  1. What a senseless waste. It looks like it had a beautiful form too. In our neighborhood a lot of the boulevard trees have been very aggressively trimmed into grotesque shapes to accommodate utility lines. Sometimes I feel as though all government bureaucrats are completely incompetent.

    1. Absolutely senseless waste and you are right, government bureaucrats are completely incompetent and ignorant!


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