Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Day Twenty Five

Photo of the Day:

'Rhapsody in Blue' 

It has been a really lovely day today, although I don't feel I have appreciated it quite like I should have done.

Something upset me last night, I didn't sleep well and it seemed to spin over into today despite my best intentions not to let it.

I did bake a lovely lemon cake for my elderly friends (both in their nineties!) and went to visit them this afternoon.  They are always pleased to see me and I was able to bring smiles to their faces, so that was good.  I forgot to take a photo of the cake before I took it to them!

The dogs went for their daily walk, in the sunshine today which was nice.

The leaves of the Maple tree in the sunshine looked so lovely.  I should have zoomed in!

Some yellow brightness in the garden.  Lovely to still have some roses flowering.

Tonight  for dinner we have got left over Pumpkin, Cheese & Onion Flan that I made yesterday.  It is very tasty!

Now if only I dispel this feeling in my stomach!  Clearly I let things bother me too much.

Tomorrow I have the second of my acupuncture visits - I am hoping that the positive effects last a bit longer than eleven hours this time.    On Friday I start my Physiotherapy sessions - that should be interesting.  I hope the Rheumatologist is right and that this guy is really good and CAN help me as I am paying a fortune for the sessions!

Art Prompt:  Hot Air Balloon

Another painting done completely freehand without drawing it out first.  Not especially happy with this either.


  1. I'm afraid I also let things bother me way too much and have a hard time letting it go.
    Hopefully the acupuncture will be more effective this time.

  2. Praying all goes well with your treatment plan. The tart looks delicious.

  3. Things that upset me always go straight to my tummy. Hope the acupuncture helps.

  4. what a beautiful post. Pumpkin, cheese & onion flan sounds like something I need to have in my life.
    Hope the acupuncture works. x

    1. The pumpkin flan is lovely - I think I may have posted the recipe of it on here before.


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