Thursday, 12 October 2017

Day Twelve

Prompt for today - Baking Goods

I drew a cookie jar from a photo I took a few months ago.

I am quite enjoying these daily challenges, they are getting me thinking more rather than just settling with the same thing.  I am finding some of them very challenging, but that is good.  'Without Challenge, There is No Achievement'.  

I finally gave my 'Legless' Kiwi legs today.

Photo for today:

Yup another picture of our resident spider. My intended photo for today was some moss, but I wasn't happy with the photo and while out I had also taken a photo of this spider, who I am sure has grown significantly since I first started taking photos of it.


I am in London first thing tomorrow morning for a CT Angiogram and a chest xray.  Apparently I am not allowed to eat for four hours beforehand so will get up extra early to have some toast, otherwise I know I will be feeling nauseous by the time I get into London, having gone all night without eating.  I don't do well without breakfast.  Next Tuesday I have an Arterial Duplex Scan and the follow up consultation with the Vascular Surgeon to get the results, and finally on the Wednesday I get to see a Rheumatologist who I am hoping will be able arrange ultrasounds scans on at least my elbows the same day, even if it means chasing across London to get them done.    


  1. I like your kiwi. That looks like a honkin' huge spider! Pretty, but I'm glad it's not here!

    Bah for all those tests. But I hope you get answers.

  2. Here's hoping all goes well tomorrow!

  3. Hope all goes well with all your appointments and that you finally get some answers. Take care.


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