Saturday, 28 October 2017

Day Twenty Eight

Photo of the Day

A surprise Marigold bravely trying to flower.

Whilst out in the garden today I had a walk round and took some photos of what is still flowering.

Not as nice today as it was yesterday - it has remained damp and overcast most of the day with a bit of wind.  It feels decidedly cooler as well.

Quite a few roses are still going strong...

A few Hebe flowers

A lone Fuchsia 

Inside the house...

Hubby is slowly stripping the wallpaper in the master bedroom...he only seems to do a little at a time, but it is hard work as the wallpaper was super glued on by the looks of it!

Lots of hole filling needed and still lots of glue remnants on the wall.

We popped out for a little while to day to look at some wallpaper in Bunnings.  I have bought home a couple of samples I quite like.  Will take a photo of them tomorrow when it is lighter.

Listening to:

A surprise gift from my husband.  Nearly all the pieces I have played with the Jazz band I used to belong to.

Art prompt: Fox


  1. We had our first snowfall yesterday. No ground accumulation where we live, but we did see some out in the suburbs. All of our flowers are pretty much done. Even without a killing frost they only seem to hang on so long. Stripping wallpaper is a tedious job indeed. Moonlight Serenade is one of my all time favorites.

    1. Brrrr...that sounds too cold for me! Stripping wallpaper is indeed a tedious job, and nothing has ever been easy in this house. One of the rooms had several layers of paper, this room seems to have had the wallpaper stuck by some sort of ultra strong difficult to remove glue!

      Moonlight Serenade was my solo piece ;-) when I played in the Jazz Band in NZ.

  2. Nice surprise from your husband. I'm sure it brings back good memories for you.

    1. A lovely surprise, and a very enjoyable listen whilst I was cooking dinner.

  3. Replies
    1. Indeed, lucky to still have such colour in the garden.

  4. That looks like hard work, but it will be worth it in the end.

    1. Very hard work - I remember when we did the little bit below the bay window before we had the curved radiator fitted, it took us over a week solid to strip and clear that wall to make it good enough to paint.


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