Sunday, 22 October 2017

Day Twenty Two

I couldn't quite decide what was going to be my photo of the day as I took several, but in the end I decided on this Orchid in the sunlight that was streaming into the room.

It has just started flowering again after a couple of weeks with no flowers, just buds and it looks lovely.

The other orchid is also looking lovely.
Both these larger Orchids belong to my son and his fiancee so when they come back next month I guess they will be claiming them to take to their house.  

This little orchid is mine and it too looks gorgeous.  I think this windowsill really suits them.

The sun streams through this window in the morning and makes the room lovely and bright.

I have probably spent several hours in this room today on and off 'faffing'.  Dusting and polishing shelves, vacuuming and changing the sheets on the bed.

Obviously I forgot to dust the conkers!

I have felt cold most of today, despite keeping busy.  I am dreading the coming of winter, and the darker mornings, nights and shorter days.  I am very much a spring and summer person, needing as much light as possible.  I hate dull which is also reflected in the lighting in the house.  We now have light switches that work again having had a very temperamental switch for some time now, and when the electrician asked if we were sure we wanted one of the dimmer switches replaced with a normal switch, my husband told him yes, I am a lights full on type of girl!  They are either on or off.  Usually on.  Not much chance on saving electricity with minimum lighting in this house.   I do like the colours of Autumn though.  I love it when we have clear crisp days with blue skies contrasting with the reds and golds of the leaves.  

I guess I will have to be thinking about my Autumn/Winter wardrobe soon.  Sorting out what still fits, and what I will actually wear, and sending the rest to the charity shops.  I won't need to buy anything.  I rarely buy clothes nowadays unless I absolutely have to. 

It won't be long and I will also have to think about clearing our master bedroom ready for the decorators to come in.  Goodness knows where we are going to put it all!  Another good opportunity to have a good think about what we actually need, want to keep, and what we can part with.  I am hoping we can get rid of a lot!  Although convincing my husband of that might be another thing.  At least we do have another room we can sleep in while the room is being done. 

Oh and where are my daily drawings/art work you might ask?  I have been a bit apathetic about doing these - I have done them, but not really finished any of them.  Hoping I might feel like doing those tomorrow.

The dogs have been for a nice walk, and I have come home feeling like I can barely walk, I hurt so much.  Anyone would think I have run a marathon.  I am pinning a lot of hope on the upcoming therapy sessions, I am so hoping they will work!

Art Prompt for today:  Hay Rides


  1. So true about the dimmer switches! We almost always have them full on, especially in the kitchen. I just hate trying to work in a poorly lit kitchen.

  2. The orchids are beautiful.

    I also agree with the lighting - I like to really see what I'm doing!

  3. Beautiful orchids. I use a lot of lamps to give the lighting effect that I like.

  4. I often feel cold and my son keeps the thermostat lower than I'd like but since he pays the bill I keep quiet. I have a nice electric heater in my room and spend a lot of time there. My computer and books around me, I'm happy.
    Sorting through clothes is a big job. Some items are easy to decide on but there are always some that one hasn't worn for a long time but still don't want to part with.
    The Orchids are gorgeous. I wonder how hard it is to care for them.


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