Saturday, 31 December 2016

New Years Eve!

Here we are about to head into the New Year - I am always hopeful that it will be a good one, Happy and Healthy and this time I am hoping it will be the year that I have less (or even better NO) pain.

Some photos from my garden this week - we have had some lovely frosty days where the blue sky has been prominent but the last few days have been damp and very foggy/misty and as such grey.

Crisp frost still on the ground late in the afternoon.

Water droplets on roses.

It is amazing to still see some of my roses bravely blooming in December!

I haven't posted photos of our Christmas Table yet.

Similar food to last year

The Sailor and his Fiancee were absent this year as they are having to work on their ship.  Our younger son did join us though which was nice.  My Mother in Law and her partner of course always join us for the day.

I made my trusty Pavlova for desert as that has become a traditional part of our Christmas meal and a firm favourite along with the fresh fruit salad I also make.

I almost had a bit of a disaster with the Pav fact I DID have a disaster.  I woke later than intended on Christmas Day - the first Christmas morning we have not had at least one of the boys with us - and got up and turned the oven on to pre-heat it ready for the turkey and forgot the pavlova was in there cooling from the night before!  After some time I smelt something burning - that's right, the pav!  Result = Ruined Pavlova!  So I had to make ANOTHER one!  Fortunately that one turned out okay and although Christmas dinner was slightly later than originally intended all was well.

In the evening my Aunt and Uncle joined us as usual.

We had a bit of a laugh opening presents.  My Uncle is always fun to buy for as he has a hobby and we always try to get him something new for it.

During the week it has been lovely to see the sun shining in on the Christmas Tree and its decorations

Such a cheery sight in the morning with them sparkling in the sunshine.

I am still waiting on my Christmas present from my husband - Amazon let him down this time.  It is a Haley Westenra CD - I guessed from questions he asked me the other week, although I don't know which one.  Seems it has gone missing.

Tomorrow I will be embarking on my Whole30 in the hope that it will help the pain problems.  I am not starting just because it is the New Year, but rather because it is a Monday, the first of a month - so easier to know exactly what day in the 30 Day period it is - and because it is after Christmas and all the celebrations and extra food that come along with it.  If it works and one of the eliminated food groups is what causes or contributes to my pain I will very happily be able to cut that out completely - time will tell and I will know more next month.

Someone looks exhausted!

To all I wish a Very Happy and Healthy New Year, stay safe if you go out and celebrate.


  1. Too bad about your ruined Pavlova but it sounds like everything else went well. Have a lovely week.

  2. Happy New Year. Also, wishing you a great start to your new way of eating.


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