Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Real Books versus Kindle

A few years ago I was given a Kindle for Christmas 2011, which while it never replaced 'real' books, was handy for me with my pain issues - it was light, I could use it one handed and it was easy for travel purposes as I could take several books with me at once.  Plus you could increase the font size to make easier reading.    However, it wasn't so easy to flick back if you wanted to re-read something, or remind yourself of something you might have read, which if you tend to fall asleep when you read, I do this often now for some reason, is something you need to do often!

My kindle started to get lines across it last year but it was still readable and I was able to take it to NZ with me earlier this year. I got it out the other day and it has completely had it!  This is what it looks like now:

Totally unusable.

So they are far inferior to real books which sit on a book shelf and are always there (unless packed away in boxes).  I cannot access any of  the books on the kindle now and will have to get a replacement  if I want to read any I have on it. Having to replace a kindle every few years doesn't sound like a very good scheme to me...considering when you think how old some of my books are -- a kindle has to go a long way to beat that!

Will I bother getting a replacement?  I really am not sure.


  1. This confirms what I've always thought.....that a kindle just can't compare to real books!

    1. You are quite right of course and I already knew that, but this just re-confirmed it!

  2. I have a love affair with real books. It's the smell, the weight of the book on your lap, fanning the pages with my thumb while I read ... and all the good things you say here. I could never replace by good friends the books with an electronic reader. I'm sorry yours broke down so quickly.

    1. I do as well. We have thousands of books, I just can't resist them. Many are packed up in boxes, and I just hope they are all right when we eventually come to move as they have been packed up for several years now in a shed. I always dream that one day I am going to have a library!

      The kindle was great for travel purposes, but not sure I am going to bother to replace it.


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