Tuesday, 3 January 2017

It Starts with Food.

I have embarked on my 'Whole30' in the hope that it will make a difference and that I can discover if something I am eating is contributing to the inflammation in my body that is causing so much pain.

It is not a diet as such, you cut out some core food items for 30 days and then reintroduce them, one day, rest for a few days and then another.... to see if they have any detrimental effect. (A very basic summary)

I have drawn out my 'body' chart, highlighting all the areas that are problematic for me and also written out a list of 'symptoms' and will compare that at the end of the month after having cut out:

Alcohol (not a problem for me as I don't ever drink any)
Carrageenan, MSG, or added Sulphites

I won't post everything I eat on here, but thought I would post the first day...

Spinach/Chard from the garden - love how I can still pick fresh greens at this time of year!

Chopped up with some tomato and then mixed in with two beaten eggs.

Scrambled egg, spinach and tomato breakfast.

Cold chicken, salad and freshly cooked beetroot for lunch

Salmon, sweet potato, potato, brussel sprouts, beans and cauliflower for dinner.

Also had a couple of apricots and nectarines during the day.

Fresh clean sheets on the bed.

Percy basking in the sunshine yesterday which was quite a contrast to New Year's Day when it absolutely poured down with rain.

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  1. I'm amazed that you have greens growing in January!
    Your meals look so colourful and delicious. Hope you find relief from your symptoms with this new way of eating.


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