Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Isle of Wight - Allum Bay

The second morning of our holiday dawned bright and sunny so we headed off to Allum Bay.

On the way there we stopped at a look out - just fantastic views.

The Needles in the distance.

The jetty at Allum Bay.

Walking down the steps...

Someone decided to take a little shut eye.

Stanley seemed reluctant to continue down...

Finally he decided that maybe he would follow Percy down.

A couple fishing.

Beach huts in the far distance.

The cliffs were a rich variety of colours.

We spent over an hour or two just meandering along the beach and enjoying the seclusion.

People had written names with white pebbles on the sides of the cliffs.

The dogs decided to do a spot of cliff climbing...they are almost all the way down now, but they went up quite high.

Unfortunately there are still thoughtless people (scum!) who litter as is evidenced by the empty coke bottle.  Next time we will make sure we take a rubbish bag with us to collect rubbish.  

Watching a little bird busy on the edge of the rocks.

Seeing the changing shadows as the sun moved across the sky on its way up.

Back at the car park this fox seemed pretty fearless.


  1. Fantastic! beautiful colours.

  2. What lovely pictures again! The cliffs with their varied colours are so amazing. And that fox who seems so accustomed to people; makes you wonder if he was maybe looking for a handout?

    1. I think that fox is very accustomed to visitors, it really was quite tame.

  3. As the saying goes "Every day is a school day." I'm certainly learning about the Isle of Wight. The photos are really beautiful.

    1. So glad you are enjoying the photos :-)


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