Sunday, 11 December 2016

Isle of Wight - Carisbrooke Castle

Saturday morning Carisbrooke Castle was open and although we visited there in October we didn't get a chance to walk round the outside, nor did we get to go in the museum and see the War Horse exhibition, so looked forward to being able to do those two things.

It was pretty quiet when we arrived and close to lunch time so we decided to have something to eat first and headed towards the Cafe.

We had to pass the stables where the donkeys lived and this friendly one was watching people as they went past, probably wondering if anyone had any treats!

Inside the museum:

The bedroom in which King Charles was kept prisoner.

A toy display (much to my delight!)

This doll was interesting.

I am gathering the note was written in 1910 - so she has lived through more reigns than two now!

What a great idea for a dolls house - using an old cupboard - I will have to keep a look out for something suitable.

Sorry for all the reflections.

We had a Thunderbirds island like this on the bottom right corner...I wonder if we still have it and it is in the recesses of our loft somewhere?  I guess when we start clearing it, if it is there it will come to light.

To see some of the toys they used to make!  Really quite fascinating.

For some reason I didn't take many photos of the war horse exhibit - not sure why - I think I was too busy reading about it.  Fascinating!  

We enjoyed wallking round the Castle, although it was quite cold!

We spent a little time in the English Heritage shop before leaving - oops, that was not good! 

What to do with the remainder of the afternoon - well we drove over to Freshwater Bay to The Piano Cafe.

Placing our order.


A very nice one as well, although a bit sweeter than the cake we had the other day we visited which I preferred.  

The other day when here I had spied a teddy on the piano...I assumed it belonged to the Cafe.  Well as we were sitting directly behind the piano on this afternoon, I reached up and grabbed him to have a look and discovered he was looking for a home!

He waved!

Well that was it - a done deal!

He was handmade on the Island and although there was the makers name and website, unfortunately it doesn't work and I haven't been able to find out anything more.  But he is a cutey and I love his little lopsided smile.

They were closing at 6pm this particular evening for an event, so we left about 5.30 after several cappuccinos for hubby and hot waters for me.

The moon and a star were out..

It was very atmospheric.

Certainly a pleasant way to spend a late afternoon for our last full day on the Island.

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