Thursday, 8 December 2016

Isle of Wight - Shanklin to Sandown, Bembridge Fort, Culver Battery and Cliffs.

Wednesday was another glorious day and in the morning we headed over to Shanklin to do the walk between Shanklin and Sandown along the water front.

Beach huts never cease to amuse me, having never seen them before until I came to live in England.  I love how they are all so bright and colourful.  There were also some inventively named huts closer to Sandown that I had intended on photographing on our walk back, but I forgot as we ended up walking along the beach on the way back as the tide had gone out.

The sea was splashing against the walkway.

Not a cloud in the sky again.

It was so lovely and warm, we sat on the beach front and had a drink (or three I think it ended up in hubby's case!) and a bite to eat.

What a perfect place to wile away a couple of hours.

In the end it warmed up enough for me to take my coat off, most unlike me!

A crow keeping watch.

The name of the Cafe.  

A war memorial

Poppies and wreaths, still in excellent condition.  Lovely to see people still care.

In the afternoon we went up to the top of the cliffs that you can see in the distance.

We took a photo of the hotel my MIL will be staying in when she visits in April.  Not my kind of thing, but right opposite the pier and on the beach will be handy for her.

There's those beach huts again.

We then made our way up to Bembridge Downs for another walk.

Unfortunately you can't go in the fort, so I just took a picture of the sign!

The dogs enjoyed their walk on this sunny afternoon.

There was still frost on the ground on parts that hadn't been exposed to the sun...which shows just how cold it was during the night.

Looking down on the caravan park.

Some Ferries in the distance.

We had planned to see the sun set, but unfortunately I started to get severe stomach cramps so we had to make a mad dash for home, which was rather fraught!  Fortunately I got home 'just in time' and had the most dreadful night of stomach pains etc...but was generally okay the next day fortunately.

I did get these couple of photos though before we headed off.


  1. Your posts almost make me want to brave the South of England to visit the Isle of Wight. Oddly despite staying with friends in Rustington (complete with beach huts) quite often I've never (as I mentioned before) been to the Island.

  2. Well worth a visit some day Graham!


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