Thursday, 22 December 2016

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Gosh only another couple of days before Christmas!  I know this is a worn comment, but it really does seem to approach far too quickly.

My husband and I did our food shopping at 7.30 am this morning to avoid the crowds and rush, and I have to say it was great, hardly anyone in the store.  

Each Christmas I cook the Christmas dinner for us, usually the boys, my Mother in Law and her partner and then my Aunt and Uncle come round in the late afternoon/early evening for a light tea.  This year our older son and his fiancee can't join us as they are on their ship.  This year is the first year we will have woken up Christmas morning without one of the boys here.  Will seem rather strange.  Our younger son is coming for dinner this year which will be nice. 

A few 

A couple of Christmas cushions.

This lovely friend was made by an Australian blog friend of mine a few years ago now when I used to actively craft and take part in swaps.  It comes out every year and is very special.

Looking at the two trees one morning.

The teddies have their little Nativity Scene.

The Christmas sleigh came round the other evening so I took a couple of photos of it.

I love watching it go past as it plays Christmas songs and collect for Charity.

It was our Wedding Anniversary yesterday.  We had a lovely quiet day and enjoyed a lunch out at one of the local Cafes.  We then had a wander round the Vintage Shop nearby.  Popped over to a garden centre as we had some vouchers to spend and we bought our yearly Christmas decoration for the tree.  Each year we buy a decoration for the tree.  (I forgot to take a photo, so will have to show that tomorrow)

After Christmas I am going to try something else to try and combat the continual 24 hours a day pain I have.  I figure it is worth at try after having read lots of reviews and viewing several you tube videos from various people who have tried this approach with some amazing success.  I figure what have I got to lose (apart from the cost of the books) and hopefully will have something to gain.  I have to do something as the pain although not intense is constant - some days more intense than others of course. but it has spread and really is quite wearing!

Will obviously report back in due course.

Today I baked four cakes, two Lemon Drizzle cakes and two Fruit Cakes.  

These two cakes I took up to my lovely elderly friends for Christmas.  Elizabeth likes the Lemon Cake and Ray likes the Fruit Cake.

Tomorrow is tidying day!  


  1. Oh how I hope the new way of eating will give you some respite from the constant pain.
    I don't imagine things like yummy cakes such as you made will be part of the new eating pattern. I have an awful sweet tooth and eat some sort of cake or bun every day with my tea.

    My Teddies are jealous because yours have their own Nativity and they don't. Maybe next year I'll find a corner to arrange one.
    Take care and have a Happy Christmas.

    1. There is always hope! You are quite right, cakes won't be included. But I can still make them for my friends which is something.

      Have a lovely Christmas :-)

  2. I sympathise with your pain because my brother has constant pain which is sometimes very severe. I make six Christmas cakes each year but, apart from that, I haven't baked much since I sold the pottery and cafè back in 2004. I must give it a try again.


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