Sunday, 11 December 2016

Isle of Wight - Sunday morning, our last day.

Sunday morning and our holiday was coming to an end...we had to be out of our cottage by 10am so decided to head over to Ventnor Gardens to have a breakfast knowing that we could also take the dogs in.  Lovely fresh produce and a yummy breakfast later we went for a walk before we had to catch the Ferry.

Not a sign you would necessarily expect to see in England!

It was lovely to see the garden with the sunlight reflecting off the leaves.

We wanted to walk down to Steephill Cove to also see that on a bright and sunny day.

We of course were not disappointed.

I think Percy was reluctant to go on the sand!

The wind was blowing

Stanley seemed to like the effect the wind was having of blowing his coat back.

For me there is something about the sea and sand and cliffs.

I am not a 'sit on the beach and sunbathe' type of person, but I love being near the sea, walking along beaches and feel most alive when near the water.

Yet I don't like swimming - mostly because I hate getting cold!

But the sea, waves, and all that goes with it feels right somehow.

I could watch it for hours.

But of course we couldn't as we had a ferry to catch

So I took quite a few photos to see me through the coming months

Time to say goodbye to the Isle of Wight for now and sincerely hoping that by this time next year we will be living there (if not in NZ! Okay so I can still have wishful thinking)


  1. Where I live I do watch the sea for hours!

  2. No wonder you found it hard to leave. Your photos show absolutely wonderful scenery. I hope all works out so you can live there.
    ( Doesn't Stanley look regal with the wind blowing his fur like that?)


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