Thursday, 30 June 2016

Fruit Cake

I tried a new fruit cake recipe yesterday - seen on an instagram account of a blogger I have just started to follow.  'Remembering the Old Ways'   Thank  you for sharing the recipe Michelle.

It was my Mum's 75th birthday yesterday and I remember her always making a fruit cake for my Dad, so it seemed fitting to make a fruit cake on her birthday. I couldn't find Mum's fruit cake recipe yesterday, but this looked so similar to what I remembered I thought I would give it a try.

I liked the look of this recipe as it didn't use too much sugar compared to some recipes I have for fruit cakes



8 oz Self Raising Flour
1/4 tsp salt
4 oz margarine
2 oz sugar
1 tbsp warmed Golden Syrup
2 eggs
4 oz currants
4 oz sultanas
2 oz chopped peel
1/4 pint milk.

Grease a 6 " cake tin  and dust with flour (I only had a 7" tin, but figured that would be okay)

My trusty mixer (too much mixing by hand is painful)

Beat margarine until soft, add sugar and cream together.

Beat syrup into the  mixture

Add eggs one at a time with a tbsp of sifted flour and beat between each addition.

Add milk and remainder flour and fruit.  Stir thoroughly and add to tin.

Bake in a moderately hot oven on the middle shelf for 1 1/2 hours.  Gas Mark 4

Lovely looking fruit cake.

A slice with a cup of tea 

Two slices gone - very tasty indeed!


  1. Hello :) I've finally made it over from Number 38. The fruit cake looks delicious. I could just eat a slice with a cup of tea. I read Remembering the Old Ways as well. Michelle doesn't post very often so it's a real treat when she does. Will be back to visit again soon. Off to see the new baby tonight. xx

    1. Hello, and thank you for visiting! :-) The cake was rather nice - didn't last long!

      Enjoy cuddles with your new grand daughter!

  2. Looks yummy. The only fruit cake that I make (part from Christ mas cakes) is a boiled fruitcake. It's quite dark and moist and goes down rather well.

    1. I have seen photos of your cakes Graham they certainly look delicious!

  3. I do like fruit cake although I'm not fond of currants. I just double the raisins instead. Yours looks very tasty.


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