Monday, 6 June 2016

My Garden on a Sunny Monday Afternoon

We've been in London today - I can't tell you what a relief it was to arrive home to my beautiful garden - I really dislike the noise and hustle and bustle of London.  It was also a gorgeous day today but stifling hot in London as well, which pretty much made it unbearable.  

To walk round my garden taking photos of the roses and other flowers is just what I needed to 'recharge' and relax.

I think I am finally starting to see my vision of an 'English Cottage Garden' at the front of our house.

The foxglove are gorgeous, and all different.

The hanging baskets are starting to flower as well.

It is all coming together very nicely!


  1. I am very fond of Foxgloves too and love the variety of colours you get after a few years. Your Roses are stunning!!

  2. I have lots of foxgloves but I can't grow roses here at all which is a shame because I love them.


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