Sunday, 26 June 2016

Sunday Gardening

I have had a good day in the garden today.  I have dug up the rest of the front garden, planted three new roses and replanted two that were in pots.  I then put bark down.

Whilst I was doing that, the Sailor was clearing and tidying the front porch and foot path.

The hanging baskets are starting to look good.

The front rose garden has a path separating the two halves now.  This photo doesn't do justice to how beautiful and of course fragrant the garden is.

My three new roses are:

Perfect Harmony

It is a really beautiful rose.

Claire Marshall

This rose is incredibly fragrant

The third is 'Rock & Roll' which is yet to flower.

One of my 'low' hanging baskets.

Some of the roses.

The fox glove are still looking fabulous as well.

After lunch the long awaited setting up of the spa pool commenced.  This spa pool has been sitting on our front porch in a box for at least five years!

The fence was put up yesterday by the Sailor and his Dad.

Laying the pool out.

Almost blown up.

Getting ready to fill it.

The gooseberries are rip and I need to make jam with them in the next couple of days.

Fungi - is it mushrooms or toadstools that are growing in my rose pot?  Shows how damp it has been.

While I was digging in the front garden in the morning, Mrs Blackbird was taking full advantage of the worms that were appearing....

She finds one

Her youngster is quick on the scene...feed me please!!

In it goes...

...down the hatch.

A few more rose photos taken during the last week.


  1. Lovely photos, I love it when the garden springs into life. Hope you get a lot of use out of the spa.

    1. Thank you - the spa was used first thing this morning! What a treat, I had a big smile on my face. :-)

  2. Your roses are so lovely. I especially like Perfect Harmony and Rock and Roll. I guess I like their streaky look.

    1. The roses really are gorgeous - as you can guess I love my roses!

  3. I do wish (and I know I've said this before) that I could grow roses but it's just not possible here. I can't imagine an outdoor spa here on Lewis: on the days one could use it the midges would have a field day.

    1. I can't imagine (now) not being able to have roses. When I was younger I never gave them much thought...I remember a friend having them and I couldn't understand her raving about them - now I know!

      I must admit I sat out there early this morning giggling over the fact that here I was sitting in a spa pool in my garden - it was drizzling ever so slightly but was wonderful! Hopefully it will help all my aches and pains!

      As for can keep those up there!


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