Wednesday, 22 June 2016


An interlude from my Cornwall posts.

A couple of weeks ago I read a review of a book 'The Black House' by Peter May, on Graham's blog which was referencing a book he read back in 2012 intrigued I bought the book, thoroughly enjoyed and then bought the following two books and read them while in Cornwall. I haven't been able to get through books this quickly in ages so it was a great delight that they pulled me in and I was able to read them without falling asleep which is what usually happens!

I very much enjoyed the descriptive writing of the scenery and people on the Isle of Lewis and surrounding environs.  A good read.

While in St Ives we went into a craft/vintage show with various stalls and I noticed some second hand books on a sellers stall that looked intriguing...  they were actually quite pricey for second hand books - I certainly wouldn't pay almost full price for a second hand paper back so when I got home I looked them up on Amazon - sure enough not much more than what the second hand book was, but brand new so I ordered it.  I thoroughly enjoyed this author's account of her first year in Cornwall as a postie.  She writes with good humour and is able to laugh at herself and some of the assumptions and imaginative stories she invents and what those thoughts lead to.  An easy fun quick read.  I have since ordered her other two books which arrived yesterday.

I've just started reading Seagulls in the Attic.

I read this book while in New Zealand and enjoy books by Sebastian Faulks - his stories are always different - some can be a little hard work, but they are still worth reading. I saw this in our local charity shop the other day for £1 and being a hardback I bought it to add to my collection.  

Ngaio Marsh is a New Zealand author - I can't remember if I have read this or not...or even if I have it- so many of my books have had to be packed away due to lack of space - but again for £1 I thought it worth buying - I can always pass it on if I discover I have it already.

Having read the three books by Peter May mentioned at the beginning of this post, when I saw this also in the CS I thought I would see if his other books are as good.  Started it last night.

I have of course heard of Daphne du Maurier but don't think I have ever read her books, so after our trip to Cornwall thought I ought to give it a go.

I've decided to buy the odd book from Charity Shops again...I had stopped and was determined to use the library more (especially as I used to work in libraries) but I have discovered that having to drive to the library and remember the days and odd hours they are actually open combined with the fact that books are no longer stamped with return dates means I am invariably late at either renewing them or returning them and have fees to pay, so I might as well pay the odd pound here or there at charity shops!

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