Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Cornwall Holiday 2016 - Trewithen Gardens

On Thursday we visited two lovely gardens.  The first was Trewithen Gardens near Probus.  This wonderful estate has a large collection of camellias, rhododendrons and magnolias which must look amazing earlier in the year.  There is also some wonderful woodland walks which we really enjoyed.

We set off along one of the woodland walks 

It was really lovely and peaceful.

A magnolia which is just about to flower - lovely to see some remaining buds.

Trewithen are helping the red squirrel population with their conservation work.

We did try to see if we could see them, but they must have been hiding.

A hidden garden! We weren't allowed in here today.

The longest private lawn in Cornwall

The magnificent Trewithen House  which is open for private tours.

A pretty white rhododendron.

Some cattle in the fields.

We enjoy the ferns - more reminders of New Zealand.

An egg in a very low nest in a hollow in a tree.

Peggy Sue sits on the railing.

This was a great lookout point, so I join her for a photo.

The Sailor and his Dad and of course Percy Chihuahua

A Nuthatch

Pheasant - are you looking at me?

A lovely morning was spent here.  Only spoilt by the sound of workers in the garden and power tool noises unfortunately, which of course has to be done.  We also think the map could have been a lot clearer - some of the places we have been to have been marked out really well, others a bit 'vague'. We couldn't always find the 'numbers' and 'letters' that the map referred to and the 'Champion' Trees weren't as well labelled as they were at Trewidden for example.   The Camera Obscura was taped up and no entry - not sure why - perhaps it had become unstable, but it was a shame and there was no notification as to the reason. 

We really enjoyed watching the birds from the bird hide and spotted a jay, some tits, some pheasants and the nuthatch. 


  1. Certainly a lovely place to visit. That pheasant is gorgeous. Just yesterday while picking blueberries out in the country we heard a pheasant but didn't actually see him.

    1. It was wonderful being able to see the pheasant close up. :-)


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