Monday, 20 June 2016

Cornwall Holiday 2016 - St Agnes & St Ives

The day we visited St Agnes was pretty grim...we had planned to do some walks round the old mines, but bad weather put paid to that idea.

It was grey


and dreary

It didn't stop these four though

I am not sure if they were Navy or Army

but they were hard at work

while the RNLI looked on.

The cliff face was sheer

Some houses seemed rather close to the edge to me!

Evidence of mining?

Beach huts....these will never cease to amaze me - I'd never seen anything like this until I came back to the UK to live.

In the distance you can see the chimney stacks from the mines.

More evidence of mining.

We did go for a little walk round the village.

Seen better days I think!

We decided that as our walking plans were scuppered we would instead head over to St Ives

By this stage the weather had eased up a bit - or at least it was better here...

There were lots of dogs enjoying a swim in the water.

More colourful beach huts!

The chapel

As you can see....dressed for summer!

The rest are just snapshots I took of the area.  

I know a lot of people rave about St Ives, and it was quaint and pretty I guess, but it didn't do a lot for was a typical seaside 'resort' I guess...  I think there are prettier and nicer places in Cornwall to visit that are more to my preference.  


  1. I don't recall seeing that modern take on the beach huts but perhaps I just didn't go to the appropriate places. I agree that there are much more interesting places than St Ives although, to be fair, I've been there once and I'm not sure I saw the whole of the town.

    1. They are certainly different to the 'norm' aren't they?


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