Friday, 1 July 2016

July: What does the future hold?

It seems 1st July doesn't bring any is actually quite cold, grey and damp and I think it is going to rain again soon.

My older son (the Sailor) turns 25 on 3rd July.  My how time flies - as cliche as that sounds - it really does seem like only yesterday he was only a little lad holding my hand and snuggling up against me. Now he is a lovely young man exploring the world, engaged to a lovely girl from Nepal. He is kind, thoughtful and helpful when he is home on leave.  He achieved something last week that I had almost given up hope on, by helping his Dad put up a fence and then setting up the spa pool himself.  

The youngest - is also a young man - he turns 20 this year and has left home, is more 'difficult' as he has had problems and probably always will but he has also matured somewhat and hopefully will find his place in life as well.  He is a constant source of worry for us...

So it seems it is time to now start putting our (or is it my?) dreams and plans into action, turning them into reality in the next year.  Having spent a most of my childhood growing up in the country I have longed to return for many years now, but also having grown up in the country I was appreciative of the limitations it placed on me, especially in my teenage years when we were 'out in the sticks' so no one wanted to visit and it was hard to go to places on my own as there were no buses etc...  However, I also was able to do things that some only dream of - I had my own horse, kept on our own property and used to regularly compete in shows and one day events.  Through this experience, I wanted my boys to have a stable schooling -  just the one secondary school (I ended up going to three!) and we achieved that.  It also meant they were able to get to activities on their own a lot of the time. 

Now though that they have left home (well sort of) it is time to really make a decision about what WE as a couple want to do.  I want the peace and quiet and tranquillity of the country where the noises you are hear are nature (with the odd tractor perhaps) rather than the constant roar of the M25. 

Once I get back from my trip to the USA it really is time to start actually working towards the first goal of getting our house ready to put on the market.  

Things that need doing are:

New Bathroom: Long overdue - it actually needed doing when we moved in 17 years ago.  Actually pinning the plumber down to see if he actually WANTS to do our bathroom and WILL do it! This seems to have been an ongoing saga for the last couple of years.  Trouble is sometimes it is a case of 'better the devil you know' and once committed he actually does a really good job.

Decorating our bedroom and re-carpeting:  Also need to decide whether we are going to go for a simple decorate - or if we are going to redo the fitted wardrobes and remove the 'headboard' that has been stuck on the wall over the fireplace (could be a big job)

New door for what is currently our dining room but is actually bedroom 3.

Clear Clutter - Sort through Loft - Cut Down - Get rid of!  You get the idea.

Paint the window frames on the inside....the outside was done last year.

These are just a few of the main areas that need tackling...there are more!  But is enough to think about and focus on for a start.

Time to work towards the future.

Wandering through the back garden this first day in July 

The beetroot is growing well.

The herb garden has gone wild.

The spinach is coming on well too.

Our lettuce is fantastic and we have leaves pretty much every day.  Almost can't keep up, but the guinea pigs are appreciative of this.

Apples are looking good

Gooseberries - ready for picking.

Since I removed the vegetable beds and put the rhubarb in pots they are growing like they never have before.

Will be looking forward to rhubarb and apple crumble later on in the year.


The front garden is still looking quite splendid.

My roses of course bring me much joy.

This is what I see when I open my front door. 

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  1. I'm finally getting around to visiting blogs which I had sort of put aside due to a busy busy week. It must be exciting to think that you can fulfill your own dreams now that your sons are grown. BTW we have 3 sons ( and 2 daughters) but the youngest son also has had quite a few problems. He does his best to cope but at times I think he is overwhelmed. He lives with his girlfriend and we see him every week. As parents we just keep hoping for the best, don't we just,\.


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