Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Terrific Tuesday

Well the day dawned with an amazing blue sky - it really was glorious.

The roses looked fabulous with the sun shining on them.

Just love the contrast between the red and the blue.

I spent another blissful half hour in here first thing in the morning.

I went in twice yesterday - morning and evening

I can see myself going in again this evening regardless of the weather....yes by 4.30pm this afternoon the weather had changed again, the sky became black and it is now pouring with rain.

Fortunately I managed to spend some time in the garden...

I was delighted to spot a ladybird...I don't often see them very often now.

I believe it is a seven spot ladybird, although not as bright red as you would expect.

Unfortunately I don't know enough about them to know what the different colours etc...mean or indicate.

Pretty purples.

Another bloom from this very pretty rose.

Loving this new rose of mine - it smells divine.

Sunshine yellow - always brings a smile

Another gorgeous rose.

A little something different - I detest flies, but wanted to practice my macro shots.

Our buddleia is starting to flower - will hopefully attract some butterfles.

My little spot - secluded and private but from here I can look at the roses and simply enjoy the garden.   The seat needs repainting - a job for July.

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  1. My Butterfly bush has only had one butterfly ever on it that I have seen but Hummingbirds are daily visitors.


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