Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Cornwall Holiday 2016 - Caerhays Castle Gardens

Warning photo heavy might want to get some sustenance, tea, coffee and of course cake, before you start!

The last place we visited while in Cornwall was Caerhays Castle Gardens situated on Cornwall's south coast between Mevagissey and St Mawes.  We are not sure if we went the 'right' way to get there as ended up on some VERY narrow windy roads...but get there in the end we did, although there were some let us say 'stressy' moments by the driver!

These beautiful 140 acre gardens are in a lovely sheltered valley which overlooks Porthluney Beach.

We were lucky to see them when we did as it was their last day of opening for the season - they open early in February to show off all the amazing magnolia and other such plants at their best.  They hold a NCCPG National Magnolia and Podocarpus Collection and are the orignal home of the world famous x williamsii camellias. They still have many of the original plants collected in China by intrepid plant hunters in the early 1900s.  The castle has been owned by the Williams family for 153 years!  It must look absolutely spectacular when all the blooms are out.

The grand entrance.

The castle from the driveway on the way up.

Imagine living here!

Map of the gardens.

Some trees were heavily pruned back...

This picture doesn't quite show the flowers off to their full advantage, but from the distance they looked quite curious.

Close up

Lots of plants were clearly labelled.

A white rhododendron was still in flower.

Labels had information of when  they were collected or discovered which was fascinating.

A few magnolias also had flowers.

Red rhododendron.

A camellia 

The view from higher up the valley

Stunning scenery.

Looking down the valley to the entrance.

Looking back up to the castle.

The Sailor and his Dad, and Percy - who seemed to take delight in refusing to face the camera!

Another photo of the boys and the dog with his 'best view' facing!

Bumble bee - guess that is obvious really!

Enjoying the sun.

This was a big Monkey Puzzle tree.

More stunning scenery.

On the way back down the driveway to the beach is the estuary to the left.

Percy Chihuahua didn't like the sea...he said he did not approve of water!

This was about the closest Percy got to the water!

Showing his 'best side' again

Finally he faces the front.

We will definitely come here again, earlier in the season to see the gardens at their best.  You could easily spend the whole day here and finish down on the beach.


  1. Well you did warn us and it took me two goes to get to the end and do the post justice and enjoy all there was to take in. Now I've done it and thoroughly enjoyed it.

    1. You deserve a medal Graham! An official 'Congratulations for Getting to the End' :-) Glad you enjoyed the photos.


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