Monday, 18 April 2016

Six Years Ago today...

...taken from my original Balancing Kiwi blog...posted 18th April 2010.  How things have changed in the last six years!  My friend Jus, no longer blogs has moved to Kerikeri! Her goal to have a little farmlet achieved - she moved in today!  Me jealous?  Oh yes! Not sure you read blogs any more Jus, but if you do, way to go friend!  Enjoy your new venture!

Sunday, 18th April 2010 : What else did I get up to in NZ

One of my special memories of New Zealand was the time I got to spend with a blogger I first made friends with about a year ago. Jus of The Beach Hut writes the most hilarious and witty posts and is as much fun in person as she is on her blog. Fortunately we hit it off straight away! We first met on a Monday afternoon at The Beach Hut...we then arranged The Balancing Picnic as an opportunity to continue where we left off on the Monday afternoon as well as to photograph old barns.

I half inched this photo from Jus' blog - hope you don't mind ;-)

Now why didn't I take a photo of Jus?

Now I think the area we chose to photograph old barns was a bit optimistic... Coatsville is hardly 'Old Barn' territory... now look at this grand entrance!

An absolutely beautiful house with the most amazing park like gardens.

Another grand driveway - can you imagine the size of the house at the end of this driveway?

Some Highland Cattle were grazing in the paddocks...although this one was having a bit of a rest.

Who do you think you're staring at?

All in all it was a lovely way to spend the afternoon and we arranged to meet up again for a meal.

Ha! Got you this time Jus!

Table preparations...

A lovely meal - frittata, salad and fresh bread. Yummmmmy

And the M & M's? They were the desert!

Thanks for a lovely time Jus.


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  1. A lovely post; a lovely time; and a lovely place.


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