Monday, 18 April 2016

Blue Monday: Monday Blues?

The  Bluebells are out!  Not quite in full glory yet, but still worth a walk around Ashridge Estate to take in the sight and scent of them.

Of course other evidence of Spring is also around...

Lambs feeding.

Tractor left in the field?  Perhaps he had gone for a tea break?

More Bluebells...

In another week, they should be in full display and the blue should show up even more...we will hopefully go at the end of this week to see how they have changed.

Percy enjoyed his walk as well.

A few remaining Daffodils.

The different textures of bark and moss always interest me.

Of course we also had lunch at the Cafe.   


  1. Ashridge is such a beautiful place :D Good photos x

  2. That reminds me of Bluebell Woods where I used to go as a child. How wonderful.

  3. I wonder if those Bluebells are the same as the ones I have in my garden. They're pretty but invasive here.


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