Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Fantail Fun

One of my favourite little birds in New Zealand must be the  busy inquisitive and ever so friendly fantail.  The garden and bush surrounding my parents property were full of them and they were regular visitors around the house.  Capturing their antics is not easy though as they are always on the go!  Here are just a few of my attempts. 


  1. I think I can say without doubt that fantails are my favourite bird; certainly in New Zealand and probably anywhere. They are friendly (because we attract insects we don't see but they do so they come close to get them) and fearless and intelligent. I used to get them in The Cottage and they would fly all round the rooms looking for insects and they never bumped into windows or anything like other birds. I suppose that might have been because they weren't afraid and didn't panic. I have photographed them on many occasions but have rarely managed photos as lovely as your collection. Very well done (if I may say so).

    1. Thank you Graham. Glad you enjoyed the photos of the fantails as much as I enjoyed photographing them. My sister regularly gets fantails fly through her house as well and has bought a beautiful splash back featuring them for behind her stove in her new kitchen.

  2. Your bird photos are lovely! Norvell


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