Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Books and the Library

I have re-registered at the library.This is something I have been meaning to do this for some time and finally got round to it spurred on by both the price of books and being frustrated with the books I have downloaded (or not been able to download which is more of the issue) on my kindle.  I have quite an old kindle now, it has the keyboard and it has a few issues going on with it - mainly lines across the screen which apparently can't be fixed and lately it has been rather temperamental about downloading books.  Whilst I love my kindle for travelling - it is light and much easier for me to read with the pain issues I have - I still prefer 'real' books.  I have been inclined to download newer authors and 'cheap' books onto the kindle and to be honest I have been rather disappointed with many of them.  There are either numerous mistakes with grammar and spelling, or the writing is not the best and quite often all of those things!  Books are quite expensive and to be honest I am running out of space to put them as I do like to keep those books I love and enjoy.  I already have a shed full of boxed books for my 'library' one day that I hope to have if we get a house big enough. But books are no good in boxes, they are meant to read and it is this reason I have gone back to library books.  I will still buy those books by authors that I really enjoy, but I will be a bit more selective and borrow as much as I can.

When I home-educated my older son we went to the library every week without fail.  Whilst I was studying for my degree and then masters I was also a regular library user, although my focus had changed somewhat...but somewhere along the line probably post surgery, (that had a lot to answer for!) I stopped going.

I am going to try and make Monday my regular 'library' day, spending half an hour to an hour there browsing, sitting reading and either returning, renewing or getting new books out.  It takes me longer to read books now than it used to, so I will get a selection of both fiction and non-fiction, covering my interests and hobbies.

This was my selection yesterday. 

Some arts and crafts and one health related.

The knitting books I have had a brief look through - I don't suppose I will knit anything from them, but they are good for ideas.  

Fiction....  Having just finished a Vince Flynn book I am curious to read another as I quite enjoyed the recent one.

I read a few of Felix Francis books while in NZ and enjoy them for a 'light' read.

A friend recommended J.D. Robb and I have read one...not completely convinced by it, but thought I would try another - she said to read in order, but that would be impossible without ordering them, so as this one was on the shelf in the library I thought I would see what I thought of it..

I had an email through from Amazon to say that the newest Daniel Silva is due out soon - that I will get having read all of them so far, with the most recent while in New Zealand.

This is my current reading matter, .a book that intrigued me partly due to the title, and also because of the subject matter.  Having a new found interest in art, I thought it would be worth a read and it certainly is.  So far I have really enjoyed it.  This one I actually picked up in a charity shop.


  1. Hello chook, long time no speak, lackadaisical blogger of late here. I was only thinking yesterday of rejoining the library. I've got my old membership card thingie but pretty sure it's all changed now. Better check it out. There are books on my to read list that I've had no luck in finding in the op shops. Like you I baulk at paying full price, especially the prices they charge here in NZ!! There's a book fair this weekend, starting tomorrow, Thursday so I shall no doubt spend most of the day there :D Hope you're well x

    1. Hey there! I had hoped to catch up with you while I was back home in NZ, but just seemed to run out of time and wanted to spend as much as I could with Mum & Dad.

      Have fun at the book fair! Would love to see what is on your reading wish list! :-)

  2. Blimey have you been back again? :D Reading list? How long ye got? ;_d lol


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