Wednesday, 20 April 2016

100 Days in the Garden: 2

I thought I would join in with the '100 Days Project' on Instagram that a friend on 'Flickr' linked to...I am not actually sure how to post photos to Instagram yet, or even how it works so they will probably mainly feature on my blog - sometimes there will be one photo, at other times there will be more.  

My 100 Days Project is going to be '100 Days in the Garden'.  This will make sure I actually get out in it every day which will hopefully help me feel better, plus it will also enable me to make an improvement to the garden as it is looking rather scruffy of late!  Hey, maybe even some of the long term 'To Do' projects will finally get done!

Yesterday which was the official starting day - I did actually take a couple of photos yesterday in the garden which were posted as 'Two on Tuesday' , but the rest of the day was not good for me... 

So today's offering:

On Wednesdays we usually venture out to a garden centre Cafe/Restaurant for lunch taking my Mother in Law with us to give her an outing as she has had a rough year health wise.  Today we tried a new one and ended up not just having lunch but coming home with some things for the garden.

We bought two rather bright and cheerful vegetable trugs - they aren't especially big, but they are a good height and as such I won't have to bend over so much.  One I will use for herbs and the other for salad vegetables.  These will be perfectly adequate for what I want to use them for - over the years I have not been especially successful with vegetable growing here in this garden so have decided to just focus on a few simple things instead.

The green trug - it certainly is bright and cheerful!

This one will be used for the herbs....or I might swap them round!

We also got this wooden wheelbarrow which I put together this afternoon.  I will fill this with flowers.The wheel actually goes round!

The pear tree is absolutely full of blossom.

Something to remind me of 'home' in New Zealand.  My Mum and Dad have a Fuchsia just like this that flowers outside their black door.  This was so pretty we couldn't resist.  I will re-pot it hopefully tomorrow.

So pretty.

It really was quite the perfect day to be out in the garden today - a lovely blue sky and quite mild in temperature which always helps to make one feel a bit brighter.


  1. I can't believe how much further on the flowers are with you. Mind you although I have fuchsia they are hardy bushes and come out late summer. The trugs are a great idea, especially for herbs, and save bending. I like the wheelbarrow too: rather more decorative than half barrels.

  2. That Fuchsia is astonishing!! So lovely!


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