Saturday, 9 April 2016

Kerikeri Photo Overload

So I like Kerikeri a lot - hence quite a few photos of one of my most favourite places to visit!

The Stone Store 

Kerikeri Inlet

The Mission House 

Where the stone bridge used to be - so much better now it is gone - the place is lovely and tranquil now without the traffic going past the front of the Stone Store constantly.

Views from the footbridge that goes over the river.

Looking back across to the Stone Store from the Reserve.

Looking across to the Stone Store from Rewa's Village

Looking across from the other side.

The waterfalls on the River Track.

Simply beautiful - so peaceful!

I love Kerikeri - never have enough time there - I must make sure I spend more than two and a half days there next time.


  1. One of my favouritest places! I've been there more frequently than most other places in Northland. My love of the place is helped by the fact that the Doctor who saved my life when he was a GP in Lewis is now there. I shall return.

    1. Perhaps next time we can meet up in Kerikeri! It really is a very special place.


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