Thursday, 21 April 2016

100 Days in the Garden: 3

Today we popped out to another nursery fairly local to us that prices most of their plants very cheaply!  We got a nice selection of plants including two roses priced at £5.99 each!

Some herbs and salad greens

Some flowers

The flowers went into the wheelbarrow

Not sure if this is where it will stay, but it will do for now.  Once these start flowering, it should look great.  I also have enough plants left over for at least two of my hanging baskets.

Salad vegetables

Herbs just outside out back door.  I bought a nice selection of herbs that I will regularly use.


  1. Looking good and very practical.

  2. Hello Serenata! It seems like quite a while since I visited your blog. Thanks for leaving a comment on mine and reminding me. I'm impressed by the number of books you've read so far this year. If I have finished half as many I'll be surprised. I had a while there when I seemed to be picking uninteresting ones and after about a third of the way through I gave up.
    Love all your new plants. Tomorrow my eldest daughter and I are going plant shopping. My wish list is long and I hope I can find all the ones I want. Take care.


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